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  1. Comorbidities in childhood atopic dermatitis: A population‐based study
  2. Prevalence of Itch in German Schoolchildren: A Population-based Study
  3. Infantile transient smooth muscle contraction of the skin: a case report and literature review
  4. Tocilizumab-induced cutaneous sarcoidosis
  5. Multiple Nonfamilial Unilateral Trichoepitheliomas: Report of a Case—Mini Review of the Literature
  6. Terra firma‐forme dermatosis: Differential diagnosis and response to salicylic acid therapy
  7. Diffuse Purpura on the Abdomen and Extremities: A Quiz
  8. Burden of atopic dermatitis in adults
  9. An Unusual Presentation of Lupus Vulgaris and the Practical Usefulness of Dermatoscopy
  10. A quiz - case report of a rare disorder of the hair shaft.
  11. Clinical Experience of Overnight use of a Temperature-controlled Airflow Device in a Teenager with Severe Atopic Dermatitis
  12. An epidemiological study of pediatric skin diseases in Northern Greece
  13. Naevoid malignant melanoma: a diagnosis of a nevus that you later regret.
  14. Sexual dysfunction during methotrexate therapy
  15. Eruptive syringomas: unresponsiveness to oral isotretinoin
  16. Hidradenoma Papilliferum - report of a case
  17. TCA peeling as adjuvant topical treatment of hypertrophic lichen planus