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  1. When should a retailer invest in brand advertising?
  2. Strategic technology licensing in a supply chain
  3. Cross-country differences in private-label success: An exploratory approach
  4. Estimating umbrella-branding spillovers: a retailer perspective
  5. Node-Consistent Shapley Value for Games Played over Event Trees with Random Terminal Time
  6. Optimal Marketing Strategies for the Acquisition and Retention of Service Subscribers
  7. Assessing the profitability of cooperative advertising programs in competing channels
  8. Adapting to climate change: Is cooperation good for the environment?
  9. Dynamics in research joint ventures and R&D collaborations
  10. Hierarchical Game Theory for System-Optimal Control: Applications of Reverse Stackelberg Games in Regulating Marketing Channels and Traffic Routing
  11. Price of anarchy in a linear-state stochastic dynamic game
  12. Feedback Nash Equilibria in Linear-Quadratic Difference Games With Constraints
  13. Should civil society organizations cooperate or compete in fighting a corrupt government?
  14. Measuring unfairness feeling in allocation problems
  15. Quality effects in different advertising models - An impulse control approach
  16. A heuristic optimization of Bayesian incentive-compatible cake-cutting
  17. Adaptation and International Environmental Agreements
  18. Incentive equilibrium strategies in dynamic games played over event trees
  19. Strategic investments in R&D and efficiency in the presence of free riders
  20. A friendly computable characteristic function
  21. Strategic Support of Node-Consistent Cooperative Outcomes in Dynamic Games Played Over Event Trees
  22. Incentive strategies for an optimal recovery program in a closed-loop supply chain
  23. Approximated cooperative equilibria for games played over event trees
  24. Cooperation for sustainable forest management: An empirical differential game approach
  25. Open-Loop Nash Equilibria in a Class of Linear-Quadratic Difference Games With Constraints
  26. Inverted-U aggregate investment curves in a dynamic game of advertising
  27. Strategic pricing and advertising in the presence of a counterfeiter
  28. Node-consistent core for games played over event trees
  29. A Dynamic Game of Emissions Pollution with Uncertainty and Learning
  30. Quantity–quality management of a groundwater resource by a water agency
  31. Which business model for e-book pricing?
  32. Editorial: collaborative environmental management and modelling
  33. A survey of game-theoretic models of cooperative advertising
  34. Strategic price subsidies for new technologies
  35. Sustainability of the Dry Forest in Androy: A Viability Analysis
  36. S-adapted Equilibria in Games Played Over Event Trees with Coupled Constraints
  37. Special issue on computational techniques and applications
  38. Branding Decisions for Retailers’ Private Labels
  39. Emissions control policies under uncertainty and rational learning in a linear-state dynamic model
  40. Carbon tariffs and cooperative outcomes
  41. A two-period game of a closed-loop supply chain
  42. Downstream horizontal integration and multiunit dealership
  43. Preface
  44. A differential game of international pollution control with evolving environmental costs
  45. Capacity investments in a stochastic dynamic game: Equilibrium characterization
  46. Fighting corruption: To precommit or not?
  47. Time-consistent Shapley value for games played over event trees
  48. Strategic behaviour and environmental commons
  49. Advances in Dynamic Games
  50. An empirical investigation of late bidding in online auctions
  51. Game-Theoretic Coordination Mechanisms in Distribution Channels: Integration and Extensions for Models Without Competition
  53. Cooperating and Non-cooperating Firms in Inventive and Absorptive Research
  54. Dual role of price and myopia in a marketing channel
  55. The Cost Structure of Regional Transmission Organizations
  56. Strategic interactions in traditional franchise systems: Are franchisors always better off?
  57. Forest Conservation and CO2 Emissions: A Viable Approach
  58. Impact of some parameters on investments in oligopolistic electricity markets
  59. Public Disclosure Programs vs. traditional approaches for environmental regulation: Green goodwill and the policies of the firm
  60. Buying cooperation in an asymmetric environmental differential game
  61. Temporal flexibility of permit trading when pollutants are correlated
  62. When Should a Firm Open its Source Code: A Strategic Analysis
  63. Preface
  64. Renewable Portfolio Standard Policy: A Game-theoretic Analysis
  65. The Leitmann–Schmitendorf advertising differential game
  66. The Dilemma of Pull and Push-Price Promotions☆
  67. Dynamic Games in the Economics and Management of Pollution
  68. An exploratory game-theoretic analysis of biomass electricity generation supply chain
  69. Investment in Tourism Market and Reputation
  70. A Dynamic Model for International Environmental Agreements
  71. A differential environmental game with coupling constraints
  72. Optimal pricing and advertising policies for an entertainment event
  73. Coordination of Advertising Strategies in a Fashion Licensing Contract
  74. Advertising Strategies in a Differential Game with Negative Competitor’s Interference
  75. On the coordination of dynamic marketing channels and two-part tariffs
  76. Incentive equilibrium in an overlapping-generations environmental game
  77. Competing for consumer's attention
  78. Time Consistency in Cooperative Differential Games: A Tutorial
  79. Feedback Stackelberg equilibrium strategies when the private label competes with the national brand
  80. A shelf-space-dependent wholesale price when manufacturer and retailer brands compete
  81. Pricing and Advertising of Private and National Brands in a Dynamic Marketing Channel
  82. R&D Equilibrium Strategies with Surfers
  83. Horizontal cooperation among freight carriers: request allocation and profit sharing
  84. Shelf-space allocation of national and private brands
  86. Equilibrium Investment Strategies in Foreign Environmental Projects
  87. Developments in differential game theory and numerical methods: economic and management applications
  88. Special issue on dynamic games
  89. Could co-op advertising be a manufacturer's counterstrategy to store brands?
  90. Advertising an event
  91. A Note on Feedback Sequential Equilibria in a Lanchester Model with Empirical Application
  92. Incentive mechanisms to enforce sustainable forest exploitation
  93. Preface
  94. Dynamic R&D with strategic behavior
  95. Special issue on game theory: Numerical methods and applications
  96. The Impact of Manufacturers' Wholesale Prices on a Retailer's Shelf-Space and Pricing Decisions*
  97. A game-theoretic formulation of joint implementation of environmental projects
  100. A differential game of joint implementation of environmental projects
  101. Credibility of Incentive Equilibrium Strategies in Linear-State Differential Games
  102. A time-consistent open-loop Stackelberg equilibrium of shelf-space allocation
  103. An environmental game with coupling constraints
  104. Column Generation
  105. Dynamic Games: Theory and Applications
  106. Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Complex Data Problems
  107. Logistics Systems: Design and Optimization
  108. Performance Evaluation and Planning Methods for the Next Generation Internet
  109. Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
  110. Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems
  111. Energy and Environment
  112. Dynamic Model of R&D, Spillovers, and Efficiency of Bertrand and Cournot Equilibria
  113. Markov Perfect Equilibrium Advertising Strategies of Lanchester Duopoly Model: A Technical Note
  114. Slowing deforestation pace through subsidies: a differential game
  115. Agreeability and Time Consistency in Linear-State Differential Games
  116. Retail promotions with negative brand image effects: Is cooperation possible?
  117. A differential game of retailer promotions
  118. Computation of Characteristic Function Values for Linear-State Differential Games
  119. Channel coordination over time: incentive equilibria and credibility
  120. Time-consistent Shapley value allocation of pollution cost reduction
  121. Time consistent side payments in a dynamic game of downstream pollution
  122. Cooperative Advertising in a Marketing Channel
  123. Equilibria in an asymmetric duopoly facing a security constraint
  124. Incentive equilibrium strategies and welfare allocation in a dynamic game of pollution control
  125. Production, inventory, and pricing under cost and demand learning effects
  126. Learing from each other in a duopoly: Numerical approach
  127. Stochastic equilibrium programming for dynamic oligopolistic markets
  128. Methods in the Analysis of Multistage Commodity Markets
  129. A Differential Game of Advertising for National and Store Brands