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  1. Synchronization in a network is altered by neuromodulation - what does this imply?
  2. Logarithmic distributions prove that intrinsic learning is Hebbian
  3. Logarithmic distributions prove that intrinsic learning is Hebbian
  4. Activation-dependent learning rule for GPCR localization - 5ht2AR regulation in prefrontal cortical neurons
  5. Self-organization of signal transduction
  6. Learning intrinsic excitability in medium spiny neurons
  7. Transfer Functions for Protein Signal Transduction: Application to a Model of Striatal Neural Plasticity
  8. Regulation of neuromodulator receptor efficacy—implications for whole-neuron and synaptic plasticity
  9. Dopamine modulation of prefrontal delay activity-reverberatory activity and sharpness of tuning curves
  10. Feature-based perception of semantic concepts
  11. Connectionist, Statistical and Symbolic Approaches to Learning for Natural Language Processing
  12. Learning approaches for natural language processing
  13. Generating English plural determiners from semantic representations: A neural network learning approach
  14. Prototypical Disambiguation of Word Meaning Exemplified by Adjective-Noun Combinations
  15. Presynaptic modulation as fast synaptic switching: state-dependent modulation of task performance