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  1. Resource use efficiency level of public organizations. The case of Spanish health systems
  2. The effect of innovation efficiency management on performance: Differences according to organizational size
  3. The dynamic slack‐performance relationship from an efficiency perspective
  4. Exploring environmental efficiency of the European agricultural sector in the use of mineral fertilizers
  5. Bullfighting extreme scenarios in efficient hyper-scale cluster computing
  6. How efficient deep-learning object detectors are?
  7. Vision and Crowdsensing Technology for an Optimal Response in Physical-Security
  8. How efficient are universities at publishing research? A data envelopment analysis of Spanish state universities
  9. Single-facility location problems in two regions with l1- and lq-norms separated by a straight line
  10. Productive Efficiency of Energy-Aware Data Centers
  11. Assessment of the operational and environmental efficiency of agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean 
  12. Municipal solid-waste recycling market and the European 2020 Horizon Strategy:
  13. An analysis of Spain's global and environmental efficiency from a European Union perspective
  14. Efficient entrepreneurial culture: a cross-country analysis of developed countries
  15. Existing Approaches to Smart Parking: An Overview
  16. Public resource usage in health systems: a data envelopment analysis of the efficiency of health systems of autonomous communities in Spain
  17. The Transformation of Values into Prices of Production in Marx’s Scheme of Expanded Reproduction
  18. La sensibilidad de los parámetros en el mercado potencial y actual de una organización
  19. Three Similarity Measures between One-Dimensional Data Sets
  20. GSVM: An SVM for handling imbalanced accuracy between classes inbi-classification problems
  21. Measures of similarity between qualitative descriptions of shape, colour and size applied to mosaic assembling
  22. A study on output normalization in multiclass SVMs
  23. Evaluating decision-making performance in a grid-computing environment using DEA
  24. Gate points in continuous location between regions with different ℓp norms
  26. Support vector machines for classification of input vectors with different metrics
  27. 2D qualitative shape matching applied to ceramic mosaic assembly
  28. Designing adaptive learning itineraries using features modelling and swarm intelligence
  29. A Novel Approach to Trojan Horse Detection in Mobile Phones Messaging and Bluetooth Services
  30. Trip destination prediction based on past GPS log
  31. Trojan horses in mobile devices
  32. A study on saving energy in artificial lighting by making smart use of wireless sensor networks and actuators
  33. A new approach to qualitative learning in time series
  34. Ameva: An autonomous discretization algorithm
  35. Intertemporal and spatial location of disposal facilities
  36. Creating adaptive learning paths using Ant Colony Optimization and Bayesian Networks
  37. A Note on the Bias in SVMs for Multiclassification
  38. Delivery Improvement for Transport Companies
  39. Dual unification of bi-class support vector machine formulations
  40. Unified dual for bi-class SVM approaches
  41. An optimal control problem with Hopf bifurcations
  42. Modeling Smart Homes for Prediction Algorithms
  43. Discretization of Continuous Features by Using a Kernel
  44. Interoperability for transport companies