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  1. Rams’ reproductive status during a controlled breeding period: effect of social dominance
  2. Efecto de la adición de harina de cáscara de naranja y cascarón de huevo a dietas de codornices japonesas
  3. La gonadotropina coriónica equina (eCG) modifica los niveles de testosterona, pero no la actividad reproductiva, en toros Holstein durante invierno
  4. Los dispositivos reutilizados en protocolos cortos de sincronización tienen el mismo efecto sobre el desempeño reproductivo y perfiles de progesterona en ovejas Pelibuey
  5. Sexual performance and semen quality of pubertal lambs treated with different weaning methods
  6. The use of oxytocin to cause cervical dilation for transcervical insemination in nulliparous goats: Improving pregnancy and kidding rates
  7. Cloprostenol enhances sexual behaviour and semen quality in growing lambs more effectively than Dinoprost
  8. Efecto de alimentación húmeda de cerdos en finalización sobre el comportamiento productivo, composición de la canal y calidad de la carne
  9. Características seminales y niveles de testosterona en carneros Pelibuey tratados con oxitocina exógena
  10. Singleton or twin male lambs: effects on their reproductive development
  12. Animal Reproduction in Veterinary Medicine
  13. Administration of a single dose of a PGF2α analogue (dinoprost) before sexual tests did not improve ram’s sexual behaviour
  14. Annual variation in reproductive parameters and sexual behaviour of Saint Croix rams in a semi-desert region in Mexico
  15. in vitro embryo production in goats
  16. production of embryos in hair sheep
  17. Respuesta ovulatoria y embrionaria a la somatotropina bovina recombinante en cabras superovuladas con FSHp
  18. Evaluation of some reproductive traits of Pelibuey ewes under humid tropical conditions of Mexico
  19. Hair lambs show reproductive seasonality
  21. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of reinserting CIDR devices after FTAI in goats.
  22. Seminal characteristics and lipids metabolites in hair rams supplemented with two types of fats
  23. Efficiency analysis of standard and day 0 superovulatory protocols in Boer breed goats
  24. Effects of exogenous enzymes and application method on nutrient intake, digestibility and growth performance of Pelibuey lambs
  25. In vitrogas production kinetics and degradability of a diet for growing lambs: effect of fibrolytic enzyme products at different dose levels
  26. Environmental factors and ram influence litter size, birth, and weaning weight in Saint Croix hair sheep under semi-arid conditions in Mexico
  27. Status and implementation of reproductive technologies in goats in emerging countries
  28. Changes in Sexual Behaviour and Semen Quality Associated with Age and Type of Enclosure of Saint Croix Rams in Different Seasons of the Year
  29. Effect of Three pFSH Doses on Superovulation and Embryo Quality in Goats During Two Breeding Seasons in North-eastern Mexico
  30. Oestrus synchronization in postpartum autumn-lambing ewes: effect of postpartum time, parity, and early weaning
  31. Environmental factors and interval from the introduction of rams to estrus in postpartum Saint Croix sheep