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  1. Workplace Incivility in Indonesia
  2. The Health Character Model for Drug Abusers among High School Students in South Kalimantan Province
  3. The role of working mothers can be understood as dualism role, namely family role and working role
  4. The Performance of Medical Laboratory technician Based on situation Awareness and Psychological Capital with the Work engagement Mediation
  5. The Role of Domicile on the Achievement of Village Midwife Performances in Antenatal Care through a Job Involvement
  6. The Influence of Leadership Style of Midwife Coordinator toward the Performance of Village Midwives on Antenatal Care through the Job Involvement
  7. Estimating the effect of lay knowledge and prior contact with pulmonary TB patients, on health-belief model in a high-risk pulmonary TB transmission population
  8. Three-Party (Physician-Pharmacist-Director) Collaboration Model on Teamwork Effectiveness Improvement in Hospital
  9. The tale of seeking treatment: A qualitative study of pulmonary tuberculosis patients
  10. Ecological Social Development Model of Health Behavior of Conduct Achievement MDGs 5
  11. Personality Trait as Predictor of Affective Commitment
  12. The correlation of risk attitude and salesperson's customer orientation with decision making style in account officer