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  1. Travelling wave solution of fourth order reaction diffusion equation using hybrid quintic hermite splines collocation technique
  2. Hybrid-nanofluid magneto-convective flow and porous media contribution to entropy generation
  3. The variable viscosity and variable gravity field on the onset of convective motion in a porous layer with throughflow
  4. Cross-Diffusion Effects on an MHD Williamson Nanofluid Flow Past a Nonlinear Stretching Sheet Immersed in a Permeable Medium
  5. Nanofluid Flow across a Moving Plate under Blasius-Rayleigh-Stokes (BRS) Variable Transport Fluid Characteristics
  6. Thermal Radiation Effect on Mixed Convective Casson Fluid Flow over a Porous Stretching Sheet with Variable Fluid Properties
  7. Scrutiny of MHD impact on Carreau Yasuda (CY) fluid flow over a heated wall of the uniform micro-channel
  8. Exploration of bio-convection for slippery two-phase Maxwell nanofluid past a vertical induced magnetic stretching regime associated for biotechnology and engineering
  9. Peristaltic transport of a Ree‐Eyring fluid with non‐uniform complaint channel: An analysis through varying conditions
  10. Mixed Convection Assessment in an Unusual Cavity with a Heat Source Opened to a Horizontal Channel
  11. Effect of Discrete Heat Source–Sink Pairs on Buoyancy-Driven Convection in an Inclined Parallelogrammic Porous Enclosure
  12. CFD Analysis of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  13. LBM Analysis of Magnetohydrodynamic Mixed Convection of Nanoliquid in a Double Lid-Driven Heated Incinerator-Shaped Cavity with Discrete Heating
  14. Insinuation of Radiative Bio-Convective MHD Flow of Casson nanofluid with Activation Energy and Swimming Microorganisms
  15. Optimization of Buoyant Nanofluid Flow and Heat Transport in a Porous Annular Domain with a Thin Baffle
  16. Second Law Analysis of Magneto-Thermosolutal Convection and Energy Transport in Nanoliquid-Filled Annulus
  17. Convection with Cu-MgO/Water Hybrid Nanofluid and Discrete Heating
  18. Simulation of Magnetic Hybrid Nanofluid (Al2O3-Cu/H2O) Effect on Natural Convection and Entropy Generation in a Square Enclosure with a Hot Obstacle
  19. Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Dynamics and Nanofluids
  20. The role of Quadratic-linearly Radiating Heat Source with Carreau Nanofluid and Exponential Space Dependent Past a Cone and a Wedge: A Medical Engineering Application and Renewable Energy
  21. Effect of Variable Heat Source and Gravity Variance on the Convection in Porous Layer with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity
  22. Super convergence analysis of fully discrete Hermite splines to simulate wave behavior of Kuramoto-Shivashinsky equation
  23. Assessment of micro-scale heat exchangers efficiency using lattice Boltzmann method and design of experiments
  24. Second Law Investigation in a Non-Newtonian Liquid Flow in a Porous Channel with Circular Obstacle
  25. Peristaltic transportation of hybrid nano-blood through a ciliated micro-vessel subject to heat source and Lorentz force
  26. Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Al2O3-MWCNT Hybrid-Nanofluid inside a Tube/Shell Heat Exchanger with Different Tube Shapes
  27. Sutterby hybrid nanofluid flow and heat transfer over a nonlinearly expanding sheet with convective boundary condition and zero-mass flux concentration
  28. Hydromagnetic flow of magnetite–water nanofluid utilizing adapted Buongiorno model
  29. Review on Nano Enhanced PCMs: Insight on nePCM Application in Thermal Management/Storage Systems
  30. Nuclear reactor application on jeffrey fluid flow with falkner-skan factor, brownian and thermo phoresis, non linear thermal radiation impacts past a wedge
  31. Numerical Analysis of the Magnetic Dipole Effect on a Radiative Ferromagnetic Liquid Flowing over a Porous Stretched Sheet
  32. The flow of magnetised convective Casson liquid via a porous channel with shrinking and stationary walls
  33. Thermophoretic Movement Transport of Reactive Casson Nanofluid on Riga Plate Surface with Nonlinear Thermal Radiation and Uneven Heat Sink/Source
  34. Numerical analysis of magnetic hybrid Nano-fluid natural convective flow in an adjusted porous trapezoidal enclosure
  35. Mixed convective Williamson nanofluid flow over a rotating disk with zero mass flux
  36. Corrigendum for “MHD Carreau nanoliquid flow over a nonlinear stretching surface”
  37. Thermal energy and mass transport of shear thinning fluid under effects of low to high shear rate viscosity
  38. Peristaltic activity in blood flow of Casson nanoliquid with irreversibility aspects in vertical non-uniform channel
  39. Influence of Bioconvection and Thermal Radiation on MHD Williamson Nano Casson Fluid Flow with the Swimming of Gyrotactic Microorganisms Due to Porous Stretching Sheet
  40. An exact solution of a Casson fluid flow induced by dust particles with hybrid nanofluid over a stretching sheet subject to Lorentz forces
  41. Convective MHD Fluid flow over Stretchable Rotating Disks with Dufour and Soret Effects
  42. Combined effects of chemical reaction and variable thermal conductivity on MHD peristaltic flow of Phan-Thien-Tanner liquid through inclined channel
  43. Otsu’s thresholding technique for MRI image brain tumor segmentation
  44. Analysis of third‐grade liquid under the influence of wall slip and variable fluid properties in an inclined peristaltic channel
  45. Radiation, Velocity and Thermal Slips Effect Toward MHD Boundary Layer Flow Through Heat and Mass Transport of Williamson Nanofluid with Porous Medium
  46. Natural convection investigation under influence of internal bodies within a nanofluid-filled square cavity
  47. RSM analysis based cloud access security broker: a systematic literature review
  48. MHD Carreau nanoliquid flow over a nonlinear stretching surface
  49. Impact of thermal and solute source-sink combination on thermosolutal convection in a partially active porous annulus
  50. Review on Nano-Fluids Applications and Heat Transfer Enhancement Techniques in Different Enclosures
  51. Mixed Convection inside a Duct with an Open Trapezoidal Cavity Equipped with Two Discrete Heat Sources and Moving Walls
  52. Electro-osmosis modulated peristaltic flow of non-Newtonian liquid via a microchannel and variable liquid properties
  53. Renewable Energy Technologies: Research Methods and Applications
  54. Examination of Chemical Reaction on Three Dimensional Mixed Convective Magnetohydrodynamic Jeffrey Nanofluid Over a Stretching Sheet
  55. Unsteady Magnetohydrodynamic Convective Flow of a Nanoliquid via a Radially Stretched Riga Area via Optimal Homotopy Analysis Method
  56. Magnetohydrodynamic Free Convection Through Entropy Generation Scrutiny of Eco-Friendly Nanoliquid in a Divided L-Shaped Heat Exchanger with Lattice Boltzmann Method Simulation
  57. MHD Flow of a Hybrid Nano-Fluid in a Triangular Enclosure with Zigzags and an Elliptic Obstacle
  58. Comparative Investigation of Water-Based Al2O3 Nanoparticles Through Water-Based CuO Nanoparticles Over an Exponentially Accelerated Radiative Riga Plate Surface via Heat Transport
  59. Green Designs in Hydraulics—Construction Infrastructures for Safe Agricultural Tourism and Sustainable Sports Tourism Facilities Mitigating Risks of Tourism in Crisis at Post COVID-19 Era
  60. Thermal Analysis of the Solar Collector Cum Storage System Using a Hybrid-Nanofluids
  61. Impact of surface temperature and convective boundary conditions on a Nanofluid flow over a radially stretched Riga plate
  62. Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Reactions on The Peristalsis of Bingham Fluid with Variable Fluid Properties Through a Porous Channel
  63. Impact of Electroosmosis and Wall Properties in Modelling Peristaltic Mechanism of a Jeffrey Liquid through a Microchannel with Variable Fluid Properties
  64. Shape effect of MoS$$_2$$ nanoparticles on entropy generation and heat transport in viscoelastic boundary layer flow
  65. Entropy generation and heat transport of Cu–water nanoliquid in porous lid-driven cavity through magnetic field
  66. Numerical investigation of the stagnation point flow of radiative magnetomicropolar liquid past a heated porous stretching sheet
  67. Galerkin finite element analysis of thermal aspects of FeO-MWCNT/water hybrid nanofluid filled in wavy enclosure with uniform magnetic field effect
  68. Magnetohydrodynamic peristaltic flow of Bingham fluid in a channel: An application to blood flow
  69. Entropy and convection effect on magnetized hybrid nano-liquid flow inside a trapezoidal cavity with zigzagged wall
  70. Slip Effects on a Ree-Eyring Liquid Peristaltic Flow Towards an Inclined Channel and Variable Liquid Properties
  71. Buoyant Convective Flow and Heat Dissipation of Cu–H2O Nanoliquids in an Annulus Through a Thin Baffle
  72. Convective heat transfer of magneto flow of Fe3O4-MWCNT/H2O hybrid nanofluid in a porous space between two concentric cylinders
  73. Similarity solution analysis of dynamic and thermal boundary layers: further formulation along a vertical flat plate
  74. Numerical Investigation of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows in a Cylindrical Channel
  75. A study of dual stratification on stagnation point Walters' B nanofluid flow via radiative Riga plate: a statistical approach
  76. Natural convection of nanoliquid from elliptic cylinder in wavy enclosure under the effect of uniform magnetic field: numerical investigation
  77. Mass and heat transport impact on the peristaltic flow of a Ree–Eyring liquid through variable properties for hemodynamic flow
  78. Simulation and Analysis with Wavelet Transform Technique and the Vibration Characteristics for Early Revealing of Cracks in Structures
  79. Hydrothermal and Entropy Investigation of Ag/MgO/H2O Hybrid Nanofluid Natural Convection in a Novel Shape of Porous Cavity
  80. Natural Convection Enhancement in the Annuli Between Two Homocentric Cylinders by Using Ethylene Glycol / Water Based Titania Nanofluid
  81. Optimal entropy generation in Darcy-Forchheimer magnetized flow in a square enclosure filled with silver based water nanoliquid
  82. Flat sheet direct contact membrane distillation desalination system using temperature-dependent correlations: thermal efficiency via a multi-parameter sensitivity analysis based on Monte Carlo method
  83. Channel flow of MHD bingham fluid due to peristalsis with multiple chemical reactions: an application to blood flow through narrow arteries
  84. Modeling of a MED-TVC desalination system by considering the effects of nanoparticles: energetic and exergetic analysis
  85. Pharmaceutical presence in effluent detected till date
  86. Prioritisation of pharmaceutical in effluent considering its biohazard
  87. Influence of MWCNT/Fe3O4 hybrid nanoparticles on an exponentially porous shrinking sheet with chemical reaction and slip boundary conditions
  88. MHD Casson nanofluid flow over nonlinearly heated porous medium in presence of extending surface effect with suction/injection
  89. Insight into the significance of ramped wall temperature and ramped surface concentration: The case of Casson fluid flow on an inclined Riga plate with heat absorption and chemical reaction
  90. Mixed Convection in a Two-Sided Lid-Driven Square Cavity Filled with Different Types of Nanoparticles: A Comparative Study Assuming Nanoparticles with Different Shapes
  91. Electro-kinetically modulated peristaltic mechanism of Jeffrey liquid through a micro-channel with variable viscosity
  92. A computational analysis of heat transport irreversibility phenomenon in a magnetized porous channel
  93. Magneto-Free Convectiveof Hybrid Nanofluid inside Non-Darcy Porous Enclosure Containing an Adiabatic Rotating Cylinder
  94. Convection Heat Transfer of MgO-Ag /Water Magneto-Hybrid Nanoliquid Flow into a Special Porous Enclosure
  95. Galerkin finite element analysis of magneto-hydrodynamic natural convection of Cu-water nanoliquid in a baffled U-shaped enclosure
  96. Combined effects of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions on peristalsis of Ree‐Eyring liquid: Application in hemodynamic flow
  97. Heat transport of magnetized Newtonian nanoliquids in an annular space between porous vertical cylinders with discrete heat source
  98. Natural convection analysis flow of Al2O3–Cu/water hybrid nanofluid in a porous conical enclosure subjected to the magnetic field
  99. Comparative Heat Transfer Analysis of MoS2/C2H6O2 and SiO2-MoS2/C2H6O2 Nanofluids with Natural Convection and Inclined Magnetic Field
  100. Heat transport and stagnation‐point flow of magnetized nanoliquid with variable thermal conductivity, Brownian moment, and thermophoresis aspects
  101. Magneto-thermal-convection stability in an inclined cylindrical annulus filled with a molten metal
  102. Heat Source Location Effects on Buoyant Convection of Nanofluids in an Annulus
  103. Mixed Convective Magneto Flow of SiO2–MoS2/C2H6O2 Hybrid Nanoliquids Through a Vertical Stretching/Shrinking Wedge: Stability Analysis
  104. MHD Flow of Non-Newtonian Molybdenum Disulfide Nanofluid in a Converging/Diverging Channel with Rosseland Radiation
  105. Effect of Driven Sidewalls On Mixed Convection in Open Trapezoidal Cavity with Channel
  106. Magnetohydrodynamic natural convection of hybrid nanofluid in a porous enclosure: numerical analysis of the entropy generation
  107. Entropy generation on magneto-convective flow of copper–water nanofluid in a cavity with chamfers
  108. Pressure-Driven Gas Flows in Micro Channels with a Slip Boundary: A Numerical Investigation
  109. Implementation of the One-Step One-Hybrid Block Method on the Nonlinear Equation of a Circular Sector Oscillator
  110. Convection Heat Transfer Analysis in a Channel with an Open Trapezoidal Cavity: Heat Source Locations effect
  111. Significance of exponential space- and thermal-dependent heat source effects on nanofluid flow due to radially elongated disk with Coriolis and Lorentz forces
  112. Heat transfer inside a horizontal channel with an open trapezoidal enclosure subjected to a heat source of different lengths
  113. Numerical Study of Natural Convection Between Two Coaxial Inclined Cylinders
  114. Magnetohydrodynamic flow of nano Williamson fluid generated by stretching plate with multiple slips
  115. Multiple slip effects on MHD non-Newtonian nanofluid flow over a nonlinear permeable elongated sheet
  116. Magnetohydrodynamic flow of molybdenum disulfide nanofluid in a channel with shape effects
  117. Numerical simulation of natural convection heat transfer of copper-water nanofluid in a vertical cylindrical annulus with heat sources
  118. Heat transfer study of convective fin with temperature-dependent internal heat generation by hybrid block method
  119. Convective heat transfer of Titania nanofluids of different base fluids in cylindrical annulus with discrete heat source
  120. Numerical Simulation of Oscillatory MHD Natural Convection in Cylindrical Annulus: Prandtl Number Effect
  121. MHD Slip Flow of Cu-Kerosene Nanofluid in a Channel with Stretching Walls Using 3-Stage Lobatto IIIA Formula
  122. Committee
  123. Numerical modeling of the hydrodynamic stability in vertical annulus with heat source of different lengths
  124. Oscillatory Magnetohydrodynamic Natural Convection of Liquid Metal between Vertical Coaxial Cylinders
  125. Numerical modeling of MHD stability in a cylindrical configuration