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  1. Dry powder inhaler of colistimethate sodium for lung infections in cystic fibrosis: optimization of powder construction
  2. Lipid-core nanocapsules are an alternative to the pulmonary delivery and to increase the stability of statins
  3. Anti-inflammatory flurbiprofen nasal powders for nose-to-brain delivery in Alzheimer’s disease
  4. Development of a Soluplus budesonide freeze-dried powder for nasal drug delivery
  5. The nasal delivery of nanoencapsulated statins – an approach for brain delivery
  6. Loco-regional administration of nanomedicines for the treatment of lung cancer
  7. Therapeutics and Carriers: The Dual Role of Proteins in Nanoparticles for Ocular Delivery
  8. Opportunities and Challenges for the Nasal Administration of Nanoemulsions
  9. Formulation design for topical drug and nanoparticle treatment of skin disease
  10. Evolved gas analysis during thermal degradation of salbutamol sulphate
  11. Expanding the Therapeutic Potential of Statins by Means of Nanotechnology Enabled Drug Delivery Systems
  12. Pure insulin highly respirable powders for inhalation
  13. Nanomedical research in Australia and New Zealand
  14. Particles and powders: Tools of innovation for non-invasive drug administration
  15. Chapter 5.2. Nanostructures for Overcoming the Pulmonary Barrier: Drug Delivery Strategies
  16. Targeted Cyclodextrins
  17. Pectin Matrix as Oral Drug Delivery Vehicle for Colon Cancer Treatment
  18. Flexibility and drug release features of lipid/saccharide nanoparticles
  19. Agglomerates Containing Pantoprazole Microparticles: Modulating the Drug Release
  20. Swellable and Rigid Matrices
  21. Mechanisms of formation and disintegration of alginate beads obtained by prilling
  22. Metallic Colloid Nanotechnology, Applications in Diagnosis and Therapeutics
  23. Specific Antitumor Targetable β-Cyclodextrin−Poly(ethylene Glycol)−Folic Acid Drug Delivery Bioconjugate