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  1. Robust inference in semiparametric spatial-temporal models
  2. Robust estimation of a multilevel model with structural change
  3. Effects of Nutrient-Fortified Milk-Based Formula on the Nutritional Status and Psychomotor Skills of Preschool Children
  4. Nonparametric hypothesis testing in clustered survival model
  5. Robust estimation of a dynamic spatio-temporal model with structural change
  6. Robustness, Data Analysis, and Statistical Modeling: The First 50 Years and Beyond
  7. Semiparametric principal component poisson regression on clustered data
  8. Nonparametric estimation of a switching regression model
  9. Improving predictive accuracy of logistic regression model using ranked set samples
  10. Nonparametric modeling of clustered customer survival data
  11. Control Chart for Monitoring Autocorrelated Process with Multiple Exogenous Inputs
  12. Estimation Procedure for a Multiple Time Series Model
  13. Nonparametric Principal Components Regression
  14. Effects of Canned Pineapple Consumption on Nutritional Status, Immunomodulation, and Physical Health of Selected School Children
  15. Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing in a Spatial-Temporal Model: A Simulation Study
  16. Nonparametric Decomposition of Time Series Data with Inputs
  17. An AR-Sieve Bootstrap Control Chart for Autocorrelated Process Data
  18. Robust estimation of a time series model with structural change
  19. Robust Estimation of a Spatiotemporal Model with Structural Change
  20. Bootstrap Methods
  21. Small Sample Estimation in Dynamic Panel Data Models: A Simulation Study
  22. 6. Impact assessment of the e-AGRIKultura project: Philippines
  23. Glycaemic Response to Quality Protein Maize Grits
  25. Principal components analysis of nonstationary time series data
  26. Infrastructure and rural development: Household perceptions on rural development
  27. Monitoring sustainable agriculture in Southeast Asia
  28. Effect of Iodine Status and other Nutritional Factors on Psychomotor and Cognitive Performance of Filipino Schoolchildren
  29. An estimation procedure for a spatial–temporal model
  30. Some approaches to the construction of a sustainable development index for the Philippines
  31. Estimation Under Purposive Sampling