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  1. Gene network expression of whole blood leukocytes in dairy cows with different milk yield at dry-off
  2. Exploring Fourier transform mid-infra-red spectrometry to predict biochemical parameters in horse’s blood
  3. Monensin controlled-release capsule administered in late-pregnancy differentially affects rumination patterns, metabolic status, and cheese-making properties of the milk in primiparous and multiparous cows
  4. A synthetic activator of a nuclear receptor regulating fat metabolism improved goat immune system
  5. Acute phase response in hypo- or hyper-glycaemic clamps
  6. Biomarkers of innate immune response can be used to predict metabolic diseases
  7. Inflammometabolic profile in periparturient rabbit does
  8. Inflammation is a severe condition of dairy cows around around calving
  9. Review of methods and biomarkers useful to assess stress in cows
  10. Transition Cow: Interaction with Fertility