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  1. An update on the diagnostic validity of physical tests for cervical radiculopathy
  2. Adverse effects as a consequence of being a model during manual therapy training
  3. How effective is manual therapy for patients with cervical radiculopathy?
  4. Is cervicogenic dizziness a separate diagnostisc entity?
  5. Guest editorial on Cervicogenic Dizziness in Manuelletherapie (Thieme)
  6. An innovative of retraining of cervical muscles in an elite swimmer with combined headache types
  7. A systematic review of the effectiveness of conservative treatment for cervical radiculopathy:
  8. Is manipulative therapy more effective than a "fake" manipulation in adults.
  9. Have uniform diagnostic labels dfor cervical radiculopathy been used to include patients in RCTs
  10. Practical use of a framework (the HOAC II) for clinical reasoning with complex pain patients