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  1. Analysis of motion in RTBP with variable mass based on Loglogistic distribution
  2. New dynamical system for circular satellites relative motion
  3. Numerical exploration of the quantized Hill problem dynamics
  4. Revisiting the Dynamics of Two-Body Problem in the Framework of the Continued Fraction Potential
  5. Periodic orbits of the perturbed relative motion
  6. Perturbation of relativistic effect in the dynamics of test particle
  7. Finite-Sized Orbiter’s Motion around the Natural Moons of Planets with Slow-Variable Eccentricity of Their Orbit in ER3BP
  8. Analysis of Resonant Periodic Orbits in the Framework of the Perturbed Restricted Three Bodies Problem
  9. Periodic Orbits Analysis of Elliptical Sun–Saturn System
  10. On the Periodic Orbits of the Perturbed Two- and Three-Body Problems
  11. Periodic Orbits of Quantised Restricted Three-Body Problem
  12. Analysis of exterior resonant periodic orbits in the photogravitational ERTBP
  13. Analysis of stability of non-collinear equilibrium points: Application to Sun–Mars and Proxima Centauri systems
  14. Calculating periodic orbits of the Hénon–Heiles system
  15. Correction to: Single Variable Regression Model with Error Analysis for Evolution of Periodic Orbit in Formation Satellite
  16. Analysis of Third-Order Resonant Periodic Orbits in Perturbed Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem
  17. Single Variable Regression Model with Error Analysis for Evolution of Periodic Orbit in Formation Satellite
  18. New approach to regularise the perturbed two-body problem
  19. Stability analysis of first order resonant periodic orbit
  20. Nonlinear regression multivariate model for first order resonant periodic orbits and error analysis
  21. Multivariate Regression Analysis and Error Estimation in Formation Satellite
  22. Analysis of Equilibrium Points in Quantized Hill System
  23. Study of Lagrange Points in the Earth–Moon System with Continuation Fractional Potential
  25. On the Periodic Solutions for the Perturbed Spatial Quantized Hill Problem
  27. PREFACE: Special Issue on Dynamical Systems and Their Applications to Engineering, Economy and Health Sciences
  28. Effect of the Planetesimal Belt on the Dynamics of the Restricted Problem of 2 + 2 Bodies
  29. Dynamical Properties of Body with Variable Mass in a Fifth-degree Hénon–Heiles System
  30. Lie series solution of the bicircular problem
  31. A New Model Emerged from the Three-body Problem within Frame of Variable Mass
  32. Approximation Solution of the Nonlinear Circular Sitnikov Restricted Four–Body Problem
  33. Analysis of nominal halo orbits in the Sun–Earth system
  34. A novel type of ER3BP introduced for hierarchical configuration with variable angular momentum of secondary planet
  35. Fifth order solution of halo orbits
  36. Variable mass motion in the Hénon–Heiles system
  37. A Quantized Hill’s Dynamical System
  38. Dynamical Substitutes and Energy Surfaces in the Bicircular Sun–Earth–Moon System$${}^{\mathbf{*}}$$
  39. Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Relative Motion Satellites
  40. Sun–Earth–Moon system
  41. Influence of differential rotation in convection zone of gaseous or fluid giant planet
  42. Periodic Orbits within the Frame of Formation Satellites
  43. Relativistic Kepler problem
  44. Resonant in periodic orbits
  45. Robe’s restricted problem
  46. Restricted three-body problem with a continuation fraction potential
  47. Five-body Problem in a Framework of Heterogeneous and Mass Variation
  48. Controlling the Perturbations of Solar Radiation Pressure
  49. Periodic orbit in the frame work of restricted three bodies problem
  50. Gravitational potential formulae between two bodies
  51. Analysis of the spatial quantized three-body problem
  52. Basins of convergence of equilibrium points in the restricted three-body problem with modified gravitational potential
  53. Periodic solution of the nonlinear Sitnikov restricted three-body problem
  54. Bicircular Sun perturbed Earth–Moon system
  55. Analysis of restricted five–body problem
  56. Higher Order Resonant Periodic Orbits in Photo–Gravitational Planar Restricted Three–Body Problem
  57. Revealing the existence and stability of equilibrium points in the circular autonomous restricted four-body problem with variable mass
  58. Periodic orbits for the perturbed planar circular restricted 3–body problem
  59. Periodic Solution of the Two–Body Problem by KB Averaging Method Within Frame of the Modified Newtonian Potential
  60. Libration points in the restricted three-body problem: Euler angles, existence and stability
  62. On the libration collinear points in the restricted three – body problem
  63. Periodic Orbits of the Planar Anisotropic Kepler Problem
  64. The planar restricted three-body problem when both primaries are triaxial rigid bodies: Equilibrium points and periodic orbits
  65. Periodic orbits around the collinear libration points
  66. On the perturbed restricted three-body problem
  67. A First Order Automated Lie Transform
  68. Analytical Study of Periodic Solutions on Perturbed Equatorial Two-Body Problem
  69. Two-body problem with a multiple scales method
  70. Stability of equilibria points for a dumbbell satellite when the central body is oblate spheroid
  71. Dynamics of a tethered satellite with variable mass
  72. Mode-mismatched estimator design for Markov jump genetic regulatory networks with random time delays
  73. Out of plane equilibrium points locations and the forbidden movement regions in the restricted three-body problem with variable mass
  74. Three-dimensional flow of Eyring Powell nanofluid
  75. Dynamics of a dumbbell satellite under the zonal harmonic effect of an oblate body
  76. The effect of zonal harmonic coefficients in the framework of the restricted three-body problem
  77. A Green and Naghdi Model in a Two-Dimensional Thermoelastic Diffusion Problem for a Half Space
  78. Numerical integration of the restricted three-body problem with Lie series
  79. Reduction the secular solution to periodic solution in the generalized restricted three-body problem
  80. The effect of oblateness in the perturbed restricted three-body problem
  81. The effect of photogravitational force and oblateness in the perturbed restricted three-body problem
  82. Stability of the Triangular Points Under Combined Effects of Radiation and Oblateness in the Restricted Three-Body Problem
  83. The restricted three-body problem under the effect of radiation and oblateness
  84. Existence and stability of triangular points in the restricted three-body problem with numerical applications
  85. Periodic orbits under combined effects of oblateness and radiation