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  1. Accelerated cuckoo optimization algorithm for the multi-objective welding process
  2. Optimal replacement strategy of obsolete industrial components under fuzzy data
  3. Transportation Planning through GIS and Multicriteria Analysis: Case Study of Beijing and XiongAn
  4. Downsizing Strategy for Cars, Beijing for People Not for Cars: Planning for People
  5. A discussion on “A GSO-based algorithm for combined heat and power dispatch problem..."
  6. Replacement optimization of industrial components subject to technological obsolescence using artificial intelligence
  7. The cuckoo optimization algorithm and its applications
  8. Total production time minimization of a multi-pass milling process via cuckoo optimization algorithm
  9. Cuckoo optimization algorithm with penalty function for combined heat and power economic dispatch problem
  10. Textbook on process simulation using the WITNESS® software.
  11. Parameter optimization of advanced machining processes using cuckoo optimization algorithm and hoopoe heuristic
  12. Obsolescence optimization of electronic and mechatronic components by considering dependability and energy consumption
  13. Optimal Policy for the Replacement of Industrial Systems Subject to Technological Obsolescence
  14. Simulation Applications in the Automotive Industry
  15. A Survey on Ant Colony Optimization, Particle Swarm Optimization, and Cuckoo Algorithms