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  1. Hymalaian ant maggots under the microscope!
  2. Hitting the Road: Haplotype Diversity of Fire Ants Nesting on Disturbed Atlantic Forest Habitats
  3. Phytopathogenic fungus could be a biological control agent
  4. The Reds are Coming Up the Hill! Fire ants spread via highways & sea ports threatening biodiversity
  5. Citrus breeds resistance against Greening disease
  6. How pest weevils find and attack Camelia flowers, using chemistry.
  7. An overview of what is known about nitrogenous toxins from ants.
  8. An invasive pest bug may transmit two serious diseases to citrus : Hualongbing and Tristeza virus
  9. Wiping off Palm Tree pest bugs using sustainable fungi
  10. How do ants react to dead mates?
  11. Using venom toxins as possible chemotherapy drugs against the neglected Chagas' disease
  12. How natural enemies of ants hack communication channels
  13. Novel industrial disinfectants based on ant toxins?
  14. Improved shelf life and efficiency of insecticidal fungi to combat pest insects
  15. Venom Alkaloids of Fire ant Queens Shield from Competitor Species
  16. Commercial fungus preparation (prototype) against pest insects, such as fire ants.
  17. First insights into the molecular mechanisms behind allergy to fire ant stings.
  18. A cheat sheet for identifying fresh fire ant samples
  19. Citrus Greening Disease infection in the vector bug
  20. The infection of the pest bug 'Asian citrus psyllid' by citrus Greening Disease bacteria
  21. Hacking Nanodrop to rapidly evaluate quality of venom obtained by trivial centrifugation
  22. DIY Milking of Insect Venom
  23. Telling apart identical ant species that behave totally different!
  24. A timely literature review on the chemical diversity of ant venom toxins
  25. Oops , I did it again: a mistake! Correcting details in previous work.
  26. A short overview of the literature and biotech applications of invasive fire ants toxins
  27. Fine details on the digestive system of important household ants.
  28. Easy allergens: Live fire ants in apolar organic solvent secrete venom proteins into a water phase.
  29. Behold the larvae and pupae of the pesky 'Paulistinha' hornets from Brazil
  30. Overlooked venom proteins from Red Imported Fire Ants workers
  31. Larval Morphology of two common male Large Carpenter Ants from Brazil
  32. A straightforward synthesis of fire ant alkaloids, with comments on group chemical ecology
  33. A high-magnification inspection on the larvae of a cockroach-killing wasp
  34. Spider-hunting Wasp Grubs: What so we know?..
  35. Close-up imagery of leaf-cutting ants babies: What you'd Never expect
  36. A really close look into fire ant larvae: You can't really tell them apart.
  37. Looking into glaring chemical differences between identical populations of fire ants in Brazil
  38. Images & Description of eggs + larvae of a Thief Ant from Brazil
  39. Look at them babies! The strange larvae from a Brazilian Tree Ant
  40. What ails you? Fungi associated with the Black Crazy Ant
  41. Impressive imagery of the larvae of a Brazilian vineyard ant
  42. A highly detailed description of eggs & larvae of a common Large Carpenter Ant from Brazil
  43. The larvae of the pesky kitchen Sugar Ants, aka The Ghost Ants
  44. Detailed Microscopy Imagery & Structure of the venom gland of the Fire Ant
  45. Our pioneering study on Ant Larvae: Flower Ants Babies !
  46. Temperature limits for a Natural Enemy of Pest Cockroaches: Applied Biocontrol
  47. Ant maggots -- Did you know they are not that gross?
  48. A naturalist's view into the life-style of a cockroach-hunter parasitoid wasp
  49. More like a ghost or a dog amongst people? An unsuspected guest inside fire ant nests
  50. Cockroach Temperature Limits for Survival: Biocontrol Biotech Data
  51. Crazy Ant Babies: Have you ever thought?..
  52. Measuring the Biocontrol Capacity of a Cockroach Killer Wasp