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  1. Socio-cultural web and environmentally-driven community entrepreneurship: a portrayal of Abia Ohafia community in South-Eastern Nigeria
  2. A temporal study of the responsiveness of foreign private investment to exchange rate in Nigeria, 1981 – 2018
  3. Economic growth and unemployment linkage in a developing economy: a gender and age classification perspective
  4. Green or gas in OPEC member countries: a linear and asymmetric investigation of energy–growth nexus
  5. A cross-country and country-specific modelling of stock market performance, bank development and global equity index in emerging market economies: A case of BRICS countries
  6. New Evidence on Exchange-Rate Volatility and Export Flows in Thailand: Nonlinearity and Asymmetric ARDL Investigation
  7. Dynamics of energy consumption, real sector value added and growth in energy deficient economies
  8. Money Growth and Inflation: An Empirical Investigation of the Monetary Unions in West Africa
  9. Evaluating the Impact of Electronic Payment Channels on Sustainable Financial Inclusion in Nigeria
  10. Financial Deepening and Sustained Economic Growth in Nigeria: What Nonlinear Models Reveal
  11. Exchange rate and long-run price relationship in 19 selected European and LDCs
  12. The Management Challenge of Sustaining Competitive Advantage through Innovation in Nigerian Business Environment
  13. The Impact of Social Entrepreneurship on the Sustainability of Selected Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria
  14. Relating energy consumption to real sector value added and growth in a developing economy
  15. Implication of conflict intensity on food security in ECOWAS
  16. Exchange Rate and Foreign Reserves Interface: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
  17. Private Sector Lending and Growth of the Real Sectors in a Developing Economy: An Ardl Approach
  18. Interest Rate and Investment in Money Market Instruments in a Developing Economy: A Case of Nigeria
  19. A Multidude of Econometric Tests: Forecasting the Dutsch Guilder
  20. Banks versus markets: Do they compete, complement or Co-evolve in the Nigerian financial system? An ARDL approach
  21. Banks and markets in the financial service industry: are their roles complementary or competitive in Nigeria?
  22. Banks and markets in the financial service industry: are their roles complementary or competitive in Nigeria?