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  1. On weakly singular and fully nonlinear travelling shallow capillary–gravity waves in the critical regime
  2. Conservative modified Serre–Green–Naghdi equations with improved dispersion characteristics
  3. On the nonlinear dynamics of the traveling-wave solutions of the Serre system
  4. Mechanical balance laws for fully nonlinear and weakly dispersive water waves
  5. A modified Galerkin/finite element method for the numerical solution of the Serre-Green-Naghdi system
  6. Legendre Pseudospectral Approximation of Boussinesq Systems and Applications to Wave Breaking
  7. Reflection of solitons
  8. A new run-up algorithm based on local high-order analytic expansions
  9. On the Galerkin/Finite-Element Method for the Serre Equations
  10. Finite volume and pseudo-spectral schemes for the fully nonlinear 1D Serre equations
  11. On the Galilean Invariance of Some Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Equations
  12. Dispersive waves generated by an underwater landslide
  13. On the contribution of the horizontal sea-bed displacements into the tsunami generation process
  14. On the use of the finite fault solution for tsunami generation problems
  15. Long Wave Run-Up on Random Beaches
  16. Finite volume schemes for dispersive wave propagation and runup
  17. Dispersive wave runup on non-uniform shores
  18. On the relevance of the dam break problem in the context of nonlinear shallow water equations
  19. On some Boussinesq systems in two space dimensions: theory and numerical analysis