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  1. Moral emotions in different types of relationships
  2. Is an Emphasis on Dignity, Honor and Face more an Attribute of Individuals or of Cultural Groups?
  3. Pathways to a more peaceful and sustainable world: The transformative power of children in families
  4. Sex Differences in Self-Construal and in Depressive Symptoms: Predictors of Cross-National Variation
  5. “Bana göre” Ahlak: Sıradan İnsanın Ahlakı Kavramsallaştırması
  6. The Psychology of Morality
  7. Just World Belief and Ethics of Morality: When Do We Derogate the Victim?
  8. An Investigation of Moral Foundations Theory in Turkey Using Different Measures
  9. Is Early Childhood Relevant to Peacebuilding?
  10. Comparison of the arousal dimension in Turkey and the USA1
  11. Difficult dialogs: Majority group members’ willingness to talk about inequality with different minority groups
  12. Continuing effects of early enrichment in adult life: The Turkish Early Enrichment Project 22 years later
  13. An attempt to integrate several psychological theories of morality
  14. Hypocrisy or maturity? Culture and context differentiation
  15. Mapping Expressive Differences Around the World
  16. Learned Helplessness, Therapy, and Personality Traits: An Experimental Study
  17. Functional relationships in the nuclear and extended family: A 16-culture study
  18. Long-term effects of early intervention: Turkish low-income mothers and children
  19. Continuity and Change in Turkish Urban Family Life
  20. Stereotypes of the Powerless: A Social Psychological Analysis