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  1. m-Health Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Use in Young People
  2. Experiences of overseas nurse educators teaching in New Zealand
  3. Health education: An analysis to translate theory into practice.
  4. Nurses’ attitudes toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine with cancer patients in Indonesia
  5. Exploring health promotion and health education in nursing
  6. Effectiveness of the pharmacist-involved management of heart failure to improve readmission rates
  7. Adolescent-parent interaction strategies for accessing alcohol at home
  8. The experiences of New Zealand-based children in consuming fruits and vegetables
  9. Can positive faith-based encounters influence Australian young people’s drinking behaviours?
  10. Spirituality and spiritual care in Iran: nurses' perceptions and barriers
  11. Australian rural, remote and urban community nurses' health promotion role and function
  12. Preoperative indicators of length of stay following total hip replacement.
  13. Writing for Publication: The Book Review
  14. Ottawa 25+— developing personal skills: what remains for the future?
  15. Children’s selection of fruit and vegetables in a ‘dream versus healthy’ lunch-box survey
  16. Before the cradle and beyond the grave: a lifespan/settings‐based framework for health promotion
  17. Health promotion in nursing: a Derridean discourse analysis
  18. Book review - Revolving Doors: New Zealand's Health Reforms – The Continuing Saga (Second Edition)
  19. Health Promotion and Health Education in Nursing
  20. Settings Based Health Promotion
  21. Book review - The Complete Recovery Room Book
  22. Reconciling the differences between health promotion in nursing and ‘general’ health promotion
  23. The Behavioral Ecological Model as a Framework for School-Based Anti-Bullying Health Promotion
  24. What are New Zealand children eating at school? A content analysis of food in a lunch-box survey
  25. Book review - Motivational Interviewing in Health Care: Helping Patients Change Behaviour
  26. Book review - Public Health: Social Context and Action
  27. Book review - Oxford handbook of complementary medicine
  28. Commentary on ‘An exploration of the smoking-related health beliefs of older people with COAD’
  29. Book review - Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care – 5th Edition
  30. An international study: health promotion and education in nursing practice, education and policy
  31. The use of CAM in a New Zealand-based general practice: A multiple case-study
  32. Book review - Understanding Nursing Research: Building an Evidence-Based Practice- 4th Edition
  33. Health promotion and health education practice: nurses’ perceptions
  34. Book review - Health Promotion in Nursing Practice - 5th edition
  35. Book reviews - Oxford University Press Nursing series - five texts reviewed
  36. Book review - Nursing Calculations
  37. Book review - The Sociology of Health and Illness
  38. Reviewing health promotion in nursing education
  39. Health Promotion in Nursing Practice
  40. Promoting Health: Global Perspectives
  41. Health Promotion in the Practice Setting: Findings from a Review of Clinical Issues
  42. Commentary on 'The health promotion model as assessed by ageing workers'
  43. Commentary on 'An instrument measuring Chinese adolescent attitudes towards substance abuse'
  44. Commentary on 'From the emergency department to home'
  45. Commentary on 'Exploring district nursing competencies in health promotion: a Delphi technique'
  46. The health-promoting school: what role for nursing?
  47. Commentary on Whitehead D (2004) Health-promoting hospitals: the role and function of nursing.Journal of Clinical Nursing14, 20-27
  48. Workplace health promotion: the role and responsibility of health care managers
  49. The health promoting prison (HPP) and its imperative for nursing
  50. Commentary on 'Meaning of spirituality: implications for nursing practice'
  51. Project management and action research: two sides of the same coin?
  52. Commentary on 'Patients’ experiences during the first year following acute spinal cord injury
  53. Commentary on 'A practice development project to develop the nurse practitioner role in a hospital'
  54. Health education as a means of facilitating the “health journey” of young people
  55. Nurse education in the future: Will one size fit all?
  56. Commentary on 'Child in hospital: family experiences of how nurses can promote family health
  57. A response - 'Predictors of health behaviours in college students'
  58. Guest editorial: Empirical or tacit knowledge as a basis for theory development?
  59. Editorial - A critique of Pender's 'Health Promotion' Model
  60. Health promoting hospitals: the role and function of nursing
  61. A multidisciplinary osteoporosis service-based action research study
  62. The Health Promoting University (HPU): the role and function of nursing
  63. Health promotion and health education: advancing the concepts
  64. A preventative health education programme for osteoporosis
  65. The European Health Promoting Hospitals (HPH) project: how far on?
  66. How effective are health education programmes—recommendations for effective practice
  67. The health-promoting nurse as a health policy career expert and entrepreneur
  68. Health promotion and health education: bridging the theory and practice gap between them
  69. Incorporating socio-political health promotion activities in clinical practice
  70. Health-promoting existential mechanisms and their impact on the health status of clients
  71. Action research in health promotion
  72. Evaluating health promotion: a model for nursing practice
  73. The 'health promotional' role of a pre-registration student cohort in the UK
  74. The academic writing experiences of a group of student nurses: a phenomenological study
  75. A social cognitive model for health education/health promotion practice
  76. A stage planning programme model for health education/health promotion practice
  77. The issue of medical dominance (hegemony)
  78. Health education: nursing’s contribution to health promotion?
  79. The role of community-based nurses in health promotion
  80. Using mass media within health-promoting practice: a nursing perspective
  81. Naturalistic vs reductionistic approaches to health-related practice
  82. The role of epidemiology in orthopaedic practice
  83. The relationship between health promotion and complementary therapies
  84. The application of health promoting practice within the orthopaedic-setting
  85. The nature of health promotion in acute and community settings
  86. Health promotion within an orthopaedic setting: a differing perspective
  87. The challenge for qualitative research in nursing
  89. Health-related program planning and evaluation