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  1. m-Health Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Use in Young People
  2. Developing Public Health Initiatives through Understanding Motivations of the Audience at Mass-Gathering Events
  3. Consequence-based communication about adolescent romantic experience between parents and adolescents: A qualitative study underpinned by social constructionism
  4. Can positive faith-based encounters influence Australian young people’s drinking behaviours?
  5. Review of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Framework of Disaster Nursing Competencies
  6. Communication and general concern criterion prior to activation of the rapid response team: a grounded theory
  7. Understanding the Characteristics of Patient Presentations of Young People at Outdoor Music Festivals
  8. Exploring Culture: Audience Predispositions and Consequent Effects on Audience Behavior in a Mass-Gathering Setting
  9. Exploring resilience in paediatric oncology nursing staff
  10. Living and learning in a rural environment: A nursing student perspective
  11. Distributed Sensor Logging: As Easy as a Mesh of Yoyos
  12. Update on Competencies and Education
  13. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) self management in hospital; Is it possible? A literature review
  14. Building public policy to support young people in reducing alcohol-related harm when partying at Schoolies Festivals
  15. Supporting adolescents in a rapidly urbanising China
  16. How adolescent patients use ward space
  17. Lessons Learned at World Youth Day: Collecting Data and Using Postcards at Mass Gatherings
  18. Response
  19. An adolescent ward; ‘in name only?’
  20. Consumer perspectives in adolescent ward design
  21. Activities in the adolescent ward environment
  22. The private adolescent: Privacy needs of adolescents in hospitals
  23. The enculturation of our nursing graduates