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  1. Longitudinal change in daily stress across 20 years of adulthood: Results from the national study of daily experiences.
  2. Positive and negative emodiversity, health, and well-being
  3. Sense of purpose predicts daily positive events and attenuates their influence on positive affect.
  4. Effects of a workplace intervention on daily stressor reactivity.
  5. Sexual minority women's relationships across time
  6. A little challenge in your life may actually be good for your cognition
  7. Does sleep help or harm managers’ perceived productivity? Trade-offs between affect and time as resources.
  8. Daily prosocial activities and well-being: Age moderation in two national studies.
  9. Sleep duration and affective reactivity to stressors and positive events in daily life.
  10. Affect variability and inflammatory markers in midlife adults.
  11. Charting adult development through (historically changing) daily stress processes.
  12. The effects of a workplace intervention on employees’ cortisol awakening response
  13. Commentaries