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  1. Hybrid managers, career narratives and identity work: A contextual analysis of UK healthcare organizations
  2. Not every public sector is a field: evidence from the recent overhaul of the English NHS
  3. Skill-mix change and the general practice workforce challenge
  4. Mobilizing management knowledge in healthcare: Institutional imperatives and professional and organizational mediating effects
  5. The policy work of piloting: Mobilising and managing conflict and ambiguity in the English NHS
  6. Managing Modern Healthcare
  7. Associations between Extending Access to Primary Care and Emergency Department Visits: A Difference-In-Differences Analysis
  8. Making projects critical 15 years on: a retrospective reflection (2001-2016)
  9. The Politics of Projects in Technology-Intensive Work
  10. Project managers on the edge: liminality and identity in the management of technical work
  11. Understanding the professional project manager: Cosmopolitans, locals and identity work
  13. Damaged identities: Examining identity regulation and identity work of Gulf project managers
  14. Leadership talk: From managerialism to leaderism in health care after the crash
  15. Something Old, Something New?: Competing Logics and the Hybrid Nature of New Corporate Professions
  16. Professionals as Knowledge Brokers: The Limits of Authority in Healthcare Collaboration
  17. Learning from international development projects: Blending Critical Project Studies and Critical Development Studies
  18. Being a manager, becoming a professional? A case study and interview-based exploration of the use of management knowledge across communities of practice in health-care organisations
  19. Leadership talk: Discourses of management and leadership in healthcare
  20. The price of corporate professionalisation: analysing the corporate capture of professions in the UK
  21. Controlling the uncontrollable: ‘Agile’ teams and illusions of autonomy in creative work
  22. CoPs and Robbers: Taking and Making Management in UK Healthcare
  23. ‘The ground beneath my feet’: projects, project management and the intensified control of R&D engineers
  24. Great expectations and hard times: the paradoxical experience of the engineer as project manager
  25. Towards corporate professionalization: The case of project management, management consultancy and executive search
  26. Great expectations and hard times: The paradoxical experience of the engineer as project manager
  27. Prospects for Professionalism in Project Management
  28. Who am I and what am I doing here?
  29. The other side of projects: the case for critical project studies
  30. Making Projects Critical20081Edited by Damian Hodgson and Svetlana Cicmil. Making Projects Critical. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2006.
  31. The Politics of Standards in Modern Management: Making ?The Project? a Reality
  32. Rethinking Project Management: Researching the actuality of projects
  33. From projectification to programmification
  34. Exploring the role of formal bodies of knowledge in defining a profession – The case of project management
  35. ‘Putting on a Professional Performance’: Performativity, Subversion and Project Management
  36. Introduction: New Organizational Thinking
  37. Project Work: The Legacy of Bureaucratic Control in the Post-Bureaucratic Organization
  38. ‘Taking it Like a Man’: Masculinity, Subjection and Resistance in the Selling of Life Assurance
  40. “Know your customer”: marketing, governmentality and the “new consumer” of financial services
  41. Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings