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  1. Global trends in international research collaboration, 1980-2021①
  2. Benefits of open access (OA) to researchers from lower-income countries: Tracing evidence through an analysis of reference patterns
  3. Citation metrics covary with researchers’ assessments of the quality of their works
  4. Longitudinal evidence on Norwegian PhDs suggests slower progression for women academics but not a leaky pipeline
  5. Identifying gender disparities in research performance: the importance of comparing apples with apples
  6. Gendering excellence through research productivity indicators
  7. Unveiling the distinctive traits of a nation’s research performance: The case of Italy and Norway
  8. Gender differences in research performance within and between countries: Italy vs Norway
  9. Lone Geniuses or One among Many? An Explorative Study of Contemporary Highly Cited Researchers
  10. Gender gaps in international research collaboration: a bibliometric approach
  11. A Criteria-based Assessment of the Coverage of Scopus and Web of Science
  12. Citations, Citation Indicators, and Research Quality: An Overview of Basic Concepts and Theories
  13. A Norwegian pillar in Svalbard: the development of the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)
  14. Measuring the productivity of national R&D systems: Challenges in cross-national comparisons of R&D input and publication output indicators
  15. How does prolific professors influence on the citation impact of their university departments?
  16. An overview of global research effort in fisheries science
  17. Explaining the increase in publication productivity among academic staff: a generational perspective
  18. Publication rate expressed by age, gender and academic position – A large-scale analysis of Norwegian academic staff
  19. Excellence and growth dynamics: A comparative study of the Matthew effect
  20. Johan Hjort's impact on fisheries science: a bibliometric analysis
  21. The effect of booming countries on changes in the relative specialization index (RSI) on country level
  22. Siteringsanalyse av vitenskapelige artikler fra norske helseforetak 2005 – 11
  23. Are mobile researchers more productive and cited than non-mobile researchers? A large-scale study of Norwegian scientists
  24. A macro analysis of productivity differences across fields: Challenges in the measurement of scientific publishing
  25. Ranking national research systems by citation indicators. A comparative analysis using whole and fractionalised counting methods
  26. Are female researchers less cited? A large-scale study of Norwegian scientists
  27. Researchers’ perceptions of citations
  28. The Structure and Development of Polar Research (1981–2007): a Publication-Based Approach
  29. Science policy and the driving forces behind the internationalisation of science: the case of Norway
  30. When different persons have an identical author name. How frequent are homonyms?
  31. Does self-citation pay?
  32. Citation rates and perceptions of scientific contribution
  33. Peer reviews and bibliometric indicators: a comparative study at a Norwegian university
  34. The effect of highly cited papers on national citation indicators
  35. Characteristics of highly cited papers