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  1. Home literacy practices that support language and literacy development in bilingual children: a longitudinal case study
  2. Variations of homework amount assigned in elementary school can impact academic achievement
  3. Language skills, and not executive functions, predict the development of reading comprehension of early readers: evidence from an orthographically transparent language
  4. How Reliably Can We Measure a Child’s True IQ? Socio-Economic Status Can Explain Most of the Inter-Ethnic Differences in General Non-verbal Abilities
  5. Socio-economic status affects reading development
  6. Poverty and absenteeism affects the development of vocabulary and reading comprehension
  7. The enhanced musical skills of Roma minority: Cultural advantage or positive stereotype?
  8. Teaching Young FL Learners New Vocabulary: A Comparison between the Efficiency of Keyword Method and Total Physical Response
  9. singing songs in a foreign language reduces foreign language anxiety
  10. How early can we efficiently start teaching a foreign language?
  11. Using the keyword method in the classroom: Is the interacting imagery necessary?
  12. The relationship between pitch discrimination and Romanian students’ spelling performance