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  1. Barth’s Call for a ‘Biblical Attitude’ and Miskotte’s ‘Alphabetization’ of Theology
  2. Elephantine Trespasses
  3. Figural Reading and the Old Testament: Theology and Practice, by Don C. Collett
  4. Becoming Diaspora Jews: Behind the Story of Elephantine, written by Karel van der Toorn
  5. Fire by Night: Finding God in the Pages of the Old Testament by Melissa Florer-Bixler
  6. Names of God in the Hebrew Bible
  7. Teaching Elephantine to Theological Students: A Round-Table
  8. A Sharp Break: Childs, Wellhausen, and Theo-referentiality
  9. The Figures and Names of Our God
  10. Brevard Childs and the Treasures of Darkness
  11. Dimensions of Yahwism in the Persian Period: Studies in the Religion and Society of the Judaean Community at Elephantine , written by Gard Granerød
  12. Götter, Tempel und Kult der Judäo–Aramäer von Elephantine: archäologische und schriftliche Zeugnisse aus dem perserzeit-lichen Ägypten
  13. Cult Statuary in the Judean Temple at Yeb
  14. Holy Mutability
  15. How We Teach Introductory Bible Courses: A Comparative and Historical Sampling
  16. What happened to Kemosh?
  17. God and the Sea in Job 38