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  1. VANCOUVER syndrome: vagus associated neurogenic cough
  2. Hemi-laryngopharyngeal spasm as a novel cause of inducible laryngeal obstruction with a surgical cure: report of 3 cases
  3. The effect of unilateral thalamic deep brain stimulation on the vocal dysfunction in a patient with spasmodic dysphonia: interrogating cerebellar and pallidal neural circuits
  4. Episodic hemilaryngopharyngeal spasm (HELPS) syndrome: case report of a surgically treatable novel neuropathy
  5. Deep Brain Stimulation Target Selection for Parkinson’s Disease
  6. Letter to the Editor
  7. A multicenter pilot study of subcallosal cingulate area deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression
  8. H
  9. Three-tesla magnetic resonance imaging of the ventrolateral thalamus: a correlative anatomical description
  10. Regulation of aquaporin-4 in a traumatic brain injury model in rats