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  1. Anatomical external auricular muscle transposition with mini flap transfer for mild cryptotia: A case report
  2. Structural and functional analysis of the newt lymphatic system
  3. Tsugishige Kondo, The Father of Japanese Surgery
  4. Safety of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination in Patients with Vascular Malformations: Patient-Reported Adverse Vaccine Reactions
  5. Intra‐lymphocele microsurgical identification of causative afferent vessels for effective lymphaticovenular anastomosis in lymphocele treatment: A case report
  6. Skin graft fixation with negative pressure wound therapy with instillation and dwelling (NPWTi-d) for contaminated complex wounds of the extremities
  7. Lymphaticovenular anastomoses training model for multiple stages of lymphedema by using efferent lymphatic plexus of the mesenteric lymph node of rats
  8. Formation of bilateral arteriovenous malformations
  9. Accelerated Cranioplasty with Perforator-preserved Split Flap Sandwiched Plate for Treatment of Infected Cranial Defects
  10. Outcomes of Microsurgery in Africa
  11. Treatment of cold intolerance following finger pulp amputations: a case comparison between immediate finger replantation and delayed pulp and digital arterial arch reconstruction with flow-through free hypothenar flap
  12. Shaping the Future of Microsurgery: Combination of Exoscope and Smart Glasses
  13. Laparoscopic repair of segmental obturator nerve injury defect using an artificial nerve conduit: A case report
  14. Dual Imaging Lymphangiography Guided Treatment of Infantile Chylothorax
  15. Donor site morbidity of postauricular free flaps and full thickness skin grafts
  16. Using microsurgery to create new ears for children born with abnormal underdeveloped ears
  17. Successful treatment of large abdominal lymphatic malformations and chylous ascites with intra-abdominal lymphovenous anastomosis
  18. Resection and Reconstruction of Giant Abdominoscrotal Arteriovenous Malformation
  19. Learning lymphatic reconstruction techniques using a pig foot
  20. Microsurgery in Africa
  21. Intranodal lymphangiography with indocyanine green: Application in lymph node transfer and beyond
  22. Necrotizing fasciitis with mediastinitis following snakebite envenomation
  23. Using a Smartphone to measure lymphedema changes
  24. Local Flaps with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Secondary Reconstruction of Myelomeningocele Wound Necrosis
  25. Skin perforator mapping method for anterolateral thigh flap using indocyanine green angiography
  26. Visualization of Lymphatic Ducts with Preoperative ICG Lymphography prevents Donor-Site Lymphedema Following PAP Flap