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  1. Understanding how different chemistry effects the interaction between rust and epoxy paints
  2. Water can either help or hinder paint sticking to steel
  3. Understanding what happens at the molecular level between rust and epoxy paints / adhesives
  4. Computer simulations of paint components on iron oxide surfaces
  5. How to calculate the thickness of polymer solutions from computer simulations
  6. How much energy does it cost to break a blob of shampoo
  7. The importance of salt concentration in cleaning products
  8. Controlling the twist of liquid crystal donuts and cylinders
  9. The solubility of a crude oil derivative from computer simulations
  10. How to accurately model the partition of cholesterol between water and octanol
  11. Calculating the relative solubility of large molecules using computer simulation
  12. Molecular insight into polymeric actuators (artificial muscles)
  13. Liquid crystal shells and bubbles