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  1. On the possible locus of the liquid–liquid critical point in real water from studies of supercooled water using the TIP4P/Ice model
  2. Homogeneous nucleation rate of methane hydrate formation under experimental conditions from seeding simulations
  3. Scaled charges for ions: An improvement but not the final word for modeling electrolytes in water
  4. Melting points of water models: Current situation
  5. Maximum in density of electrolyte solutions: Learning about ion–water interactions and testing the Madrid-2019 force field
  6. The Madrid-2019 force field for electrolytes in water using TIP4P/2005 and scaled charges: Extension to the ions F−, Br−, I−, Rb+, and Cs+
  7. On the thermodynamics of curved interfaces and the nucleation of hard spheres in a finite system
  8. The Young–Laplace equation for a solid–liquid interface
  9. Antifreeze proteins and homogeneous nucleation: On the physical determinants impeding ice crystal growth
  10. Interfacial free energy of a liquid-solid interface: Its change with curvature
  11. A force field of Li+, Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Cl−, and SO42− in aqueous solution based on the TIP4P/2005 water model and scaled charges for the ions
  12. Ice growth rate: Temperature dependence and effect of heat dissipation
  13. Breakdown of the law of rectilinear diameter and related surprises in the liquid-vapor coexistence in systems of patchy particles
  14. How to accurately model the partition of cholesterol between water and octanol