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  1. Inflated Pillow with Flexible Bistable Kink: Snap Design and Application
  2. Kirigami-Based Stretchable Low-Radar-Cross-Section Microstrip Antenna: Design and Analysis
  3. Tensile–Tearing Analysis of Rectangular Thin Film with Central Defect
  4. Origami-Based Metasurfaces: Design and Radar Cross Section Reduction
  5. Kinking Characteristics of an Inflated Beam Under Bending
  6. Mixed Triangle Lattice Reinforced Membrane Antenna Reflector: Design and Analysis
  7. Shape Adjustment of Flexible Rib for Large Deployable Reflector
  8. Analytical study of cavitation in elastic solids with affinely varied mechanical property
  9. Dimensional variation of reconfigurable serpentine graphene nanoribbon under tension
  10. The interactive bending wrinkling behaviour of inflated beams
  11. Initial Shape Design and Stability Analysis of Rib for Inflatable Deployable Reflector
  12. Nanoscale crosslinking in thermoset polymers: a molecular dynamics study
  13. Abnormal frequency characteristics of wrinkled graphene
  14. Anisotropic thermal conductivity of graphene wrinkles
  15. Functional group-guided variable frequency characteristics of a graphene resonator