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  1. Cognitive rehabilitation - brain tumor patients.
  2. Pilomotor seizures marked by infraslow activity and acetazolamide responsiveness
  3. Atypical Neuropsychiatric Presentation in a Patient Expecting Liver Transplantation
  4. 45 Cognitive rehabilitation in neuro-oncology: Program development and evaluation
  5. Exercise and quality of life in brain tumour patients.
  6. Management GBM Elderly Population
  7. NMDA Encephalitis Presenting as a Non-Fluent Aphasia
  8. Bevacizumab in Recurrent High-Grade Gliomas: Review.
  9. Cell count - Impact on Survival - Value - Brain Tumours
  10. Management of Coagulation in Brain Tumour Patients
  11. Low-grade and anaplastic oligodendrogliomas.
  12. Toxicity from Pembrolizumab - Metastatic Melanoma
  13. Cognitive rehabilitation for brain tumour survivors.
  15. Primary Leptomeningeal Melanomatosis: Case Report.
  16. New Side-Effect of Nivolumab Described as !st Case Reported - CNS Demyelination.
  17. Brain Tumour - Treatment Side Effect
  18. Brain Tumour - Complication from the Underlying Disease
  19. Seizures & Brain Tumours