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  1. Effect of Web Flexibility in Gear Engagement: A Proposal of Analysis Strategy
  2. 2D nonlinear and non-Hertzian gear teeth deflection model for static transmission error calculation
  3. Gear Teeth Deflection Model for Spur Gears: Proposal of a 3D Nonlinear and Non-Hertzian Approach
  4. Envelope analysis applied to non-Hertzian contact simulations in damaged roller bearings
  5. Evaluation of the effect of profile modifications in gears subjected to sudden torque inversion
  6. High-Temperature Annealed Biochar as a Conductive Filler for the Production of Piezoresistive Materials for Energy Conversion Application
  7. Health Indicators Construction for Damage Level Assessment in Bearing Diagnostics: A Proposal of an Energetic Approach Based on Envelope Analysis
  8. Sources of Excitation and Models for Cylindrical Gear Dynamics: A Review
  9. A Methodology for Automotive Steel Wheel Life Assessment
  10. Functionality Analysis of Thermoplastic Composite Material to Design Engine Components
  11. Hardware and Virtual Test-Rigs for Automotive Steel Wheels Design
  12. Influence of Micro Geometry Modification on Gear Dynamics
  13. Test Bench for Static Transmission Error Evaluation in Gears
  14. Bearing Health Monitoring Based on the Orthogonal Empirical Mode Decomposition
  15. Biochar
  16. Modal Analyses and Meta-Models for Fatigue Assessment of Automotive Steel Wheels
  17. Modelling Strategy and Parametric Study of Metal Gaskets for Automotive Applications
  18. Effect of incorporation of microstructured carbonized cellulose on surface and mechanical properties of epoxy composites
  19. Influence of pyrolytic thermal history on olive pruning biochar and related epoxy composites mechanical properties
  20. Influence of Commercial Biochar Fillers on Brittleness/Ductility of Epoxy Resin Composites
  21. Gearbox Paradigm: A Support for Quick and Effective Gearbox Design
  22. Biochar as a cheap and environmental friendly filler able to improve polymer mechanical properties
  23. A proposal of a unique formula for computing compliance in bolted joints
  24. Improvements on Design and Validation of Automotive Steel Wheels
  25. Proposal of a novel approach for 3D tooth contact analysis and calculation of the static transmission error in loaded gears
  26. Study of two alternative cooling systems of a mold insert used in die casting process of light alloy components
  27. On the Veering Phenomenon Potential in High Speed Gears Design
  28. On the Implementation of Metastructures in Rotordynamics
  29. Innovative functionalized carbon fibers from waste: How to enhance polymer composites properties
  30. Carbon from waste source: An eco-friendly way for strengthening polymer composites
  31. Low-Cost Carbon Fillers to Improve Mechanical Properties and Conductivity of Epoxy Composites
  32. Could the Veering Phenomenon be a Mechanical Design Instrument?
  33. Influence of Actual Static Transmission Error and Contact Ratio on Gear Engagement Dynamics
  34. Investigation of crack propagation path in tube gears
  35. Influence of high speed on crack propagation path in thin rim gears
  36. Advanced vision approach applied to non-contact micro-measurements: a practical application
  37. Multiwalled Carbon nanotube – Strength to polymer composite
  38. An Unified Framework for Studying Gear Dynamics Through Model Reduction Techniques
  39. Crack propagation behavior in planet gears
  40. Industrial Knowledge Management Tools Applied to Engineering Education
  41. Effect of centrifugal load on crack path in thin-rimmed and webbed gears
  42. Effect of rim and web interaction on crack propagation paths in gears by means of XFEM technique
  43. Investigation about crack propagation paths in thin rim gears
  44. Residual Life Estimation Under Low-Cycle and Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Conditions: Proposal of a Dedicated Numerical Code
  45. New concept for micro-manipulation systems: a practical experience
  46. The Cell Method for Electrical Engineering and Multiphysics Problems
  47. Constitutive Equations
  48. Topological Equations
  49. Classical Physical Problems
  50. Tonti Diagrams
  51. Implementation
  52. Multiphysics Problems
  53. Modelling of Gear Meshing: A Numerical Approach for Dynamic Behavior Estimation of Thin Gears
  54. Crossing and Veering Phenomena in Crank Mechanism Dynamics
  55. Inverse Eigensensitivity Approach in Model Updating of Avionic Components
  56. Nonlinear Testing and Models Comparison of Magneto-Mechanical Energy Scavengers
  57. A Modal-Geometrical Selection Criterion for Master Nodes Applied to Engine Components
  58. Integrated CAD/CAE Functional Design for Engine Components and Assembly
  59. A Modal-Geometrical Selection Criterion for Master Nodes: Numerical and Experimental Testing
  60. Experimental validation of a numerical multiphysics technique for electro‐thermo‐mechanical problem
  61. A Proposal of an Oil Pan Optimization Methodology
  62. Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of a Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold: a Comparison Between the Traditional and a New Methodology
  63. Thermo-mechanical analysis using a multiphysics approach
  64. Internal Combustion Engine Design: a Practical Computational Methodology
  65. Proposal of a modal-geometrical-based master nodes selection criterion in modal analysis
  66. An easy instrument and a methodology for the monitoring and the diagnosis of a rail
  67. An Easy Methodology for Designing Powertrain Bottom Protection in Composite Material of a Rally Car
  68. A Strategy for Quickly Analyzing the Brake Disc Mounting Bell of Racing Cars
  69. A Numerical Methodology for Evaluating Structural and Dynamic Behavior of a Shaft in Powertrain Application
  70. Design and Numerical Simulation of an Optic Fibre Sensor for Damage Assessment of Structures
  71. Numerical Methodology for Evaluating Side Impact Effects in Rally Car
  72. Design and Numerical Simulation of an Optic Fibre Sensor for Damage Assessment of Structures
  73. Rolling Bearings Monitoring and Damage Detection Methodology
  74. Comparison between Dynamic Condensation Techniques in Automotive Application
  75. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  76. Damage Criterions in Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Models
  77. A Modal-Geometrical Selection Criterion in Dynamic Condensation Techniques
  78. Exhaust Manifold Thermo-Structural Simulation Methodology
  79. Numerical Analysis of Gear Rattle
  80. Rolling Bearings Monitoring and Damage Detection Methodology
  81. 1. Multiwalled Carbon nanotube – Strength to polymer composite