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  1. how to choose the best location for a humanitarian logistics distribution center in Turkey.
  2. Using AI to predict soil liquefaction risk
  3. Optimizing tire production using Ant Colony Algorithm.
  4. Predicts air pollution using AI
  5. Optimizing deep learning for PM2.5 prediction using genetic algorithms
  6. Machine learning predicts soil liquefaction
  7. Machine Learning Experiment Management with MLFlow
  8. Optimize PM10 prediction: preprocess data, select features, use LSTM models
  9. Recent Advances in Intelligent Manufacturing and Service Systems
  10. Optimizing integrated planning, scheduling, and due date assignment using a modified PSO.
  11. Dynamic process planning, scheduling, and due-date assignment integrated using ACO.
  12. Dynamic integrated process planning, scheduling and due date assignment (DIPPSDDA)