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  1. Exploring the complexity of the individualistic culture through social exchange in online reviews
  2. Resistance and sexuality in virtual worlds: An LGBT perspective
  3. Knowledge Creation in Information Technology and Tourism Research
  4. Millennials' perceptions of digital detox on holiday
  5. Emotional Journey of Tourists Participating in Digital Detox Holiday
  6. Creating convivial affordances: A study of virtual world social movements
  7. Progress on technology use in tourism
  8. Understanding and conceptualising the adoption, use and diffusion of mobile banking in older adults: A research agenda and conceptual framework
  9. Technology Enabled Information Services Use in Tourism: An Ethnographic Study of Chinese Backpackers
  10. Social media in qualitative research: Challenges and recommendations
  11. Inter-organizational governance and trilateral trust building: a case study of crowdsourcing-based open innovation in China
  12. Exploration of Location-Based Services Adoption
  13. Consumers’ adoption of information services
  14. Mobile Travel Services: The Effect of Moderating Context Factors