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  1. Plant Secondary Metabolites—Missing Pieces in the Soil Organic Matter Puzzle of Boreal Forests
  2. Corrigendum to “The contribution of ericoid plants to soil nitrogen chemistry and organic matter decomposition in boreal forest soil” [Soil Biol. Biochem. 103 (2016) 394–404]
  3. Tannins can slow-down but also speed-up soil enzymatic activity in boreal forest
  4. Soil carbon and nitrogen cycling processes and composition of terpenes five years after clear-cutting a Norway spruce stand: Effects of logging residues
  5. The contribution of ericoid plants to soil nitrogen chemistry and organic matter decomposition in boreal forest soil
  6. Monoterpenes and higher terpenes may inhibit enzyme activities in boreal forest soil
  7. Logging residue harvest may decrease enzymatic activity of boreal forest soils
  8. Can we measure condensed tannins from tannin–protein complexes? – A case study with acid–butanol assay in boreal forest soil organic layer
  9. Characterization of proteases secreted by leek roots
  10. Potential activities of enzymes involved in N, C, P and S cycling in boreal forest soil under different tree species
  11. Characterization of Proteases Secreted by Leek Roots
  12. Response of soil C and N transformations to condensed tannins and different organic N-condensed tannin complexes
  13. Tannins can precipitate different organic N compounds
  14. Proteoid Roots and Exudation of Proteases by Plant Roots
  15. Nitrogen transformations in boreal forest soils—does composition of plant secondary compounds give any explanations?
  16. Tannic acid and Norway spruce condensed tannins can precipitate various organic nitrogen compounds
  17. Influence of diterpenes (colophony and abietic acid) and a triterpene (beta-sitosterol) on net N mineralization, net nitrification, soil respiration, and microbial biomass in birch soil
  18. Proteins as nitrogen source for plants
  19. Inter-specific variability in protein use by two vegetable crop species
  20. Polyphenol oxidase, tannase and proteolytic activity in relation to tannin concentration in the soil organic horizon under silver birch and Norway spruce
  21. Degradation of proteins by enzymes exuded by Allium porrum roots–A potentially important strategy for acquiring organic nitrogen by plants
  22. Wheat (Triticum aestivum) seedlings secrete proteases from the roots and, after protein addition, grow well on medium without inorganic nitrogen
  23. Protein precipitation by tannins in soil organic horizon and vegetation in relation to tree species
  24. The ability of plants to secrete proteases by roots