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  1. Observation and formation mechanism of 360° domain wall rings in synthetic anti-ferromagnets with interlayer chiral interactions
  2. A fast magnetic vector characterization method for quasi two-dimensional systems and heterostructures
  3. Fourier-space generalized magneto-optical ellipsometry
  4. Bloch points and topological dipoles observed by X-ray vector magnetic tomography in a ferromagnetic microstructure
  5. Controlled evolution of three-dimensional magnetic states in strongly coupled cylindrical nanowire pairs
  6. The road to 3-dim nanomagnetism: Steep curves and architectured crosswalks
  7. Reconfigurable Magnonic Crystals Based on Imprinted Magnetization Textures in Hard and Soft Dipolar-Coupled Bilayers
  8. 3D magnetic configuration of ferrimagnetic multilayers with competing interactions visualized by soft X-ray vector tomography
  9. Complex free-space magnetic field textures induced by three-dimensional magnetic nanostructures
  10. Ferromagnetic Resonance Studies in Magnetic Nanosystems
  11. Fabrication of a 3D Nanomagnetic Circuit with Multi-Layered Materials for Applications in Spintronics
  12. Micromagnetic modeling of magnetic domain walls in curved cylindrical nanotubes and nanowires
  13. Creation and observation of Hopfions in magnetic multilayer systems
  14. Revealing 3D magnetization of thin films with soft X-ray tomography: magnetic singularities and topological charges
  15. Artificial Double-Helix for Geometrical Control of Magnetic Chirality
  16. Functional metamaterials for optical sensing of hydrogen
  17. Tunable ferromagnetic resonance in coupled trilayers with crossed in-plane and perpendicular magnetic anisotropies
  18. Artificial magnetic skyrmions
  19. Magnetic properties of permalloy antidot array fabricated by interference lithography
  20. Overcoming the Limits of Vortex Formation in Magnetic Nanodots by Coupling to Antidot Matrix
  21. Cycloidal Domains in the Magnetization Reversal Process of Ni80Fe20/Nd16Co84/Gd12Co88 Trilayers
  22. Magnetic skyrmion size and stability in ultrathin nanodots accounting Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya exchange interaction
  23. Determination of the out-of-plane anisotropy contributions (first and second anisotropy terms) in amorphous Nd-Co thin films by micromagnetic numerical simulations
  24. 3D reconstruction of magnetization from dichroic soft X-ray transmission tomography
  25. 2D magnetic domain wall ratchet: The limit of submicrometric holes
  26. Deterministic propagation of vortex-antivortex pairs in magnetic trilayers
  27. Observation of asymmetric distributions of magnetic singularities across magnetic multilayers
  28. Hydrogen Optical Metamaterial Sensor Based on Pd Dendritic Nanostructures
  29. Spin-wave excitation modes in thick vortex-state circular ferromagnetic nanodots
  30. Hydrogen sensing via anomalous optical absorption of palladium-based metamaterials
  31. On the anodic aluminium oxide refractive index of nanoporous templates
  32. Nanoscale imaging of buried topological defects with quantitative X-ray magnetic microscopy
  33. Unravelling the tunable exchange bias-like effect in magnetostatically-coupled two dimensional hybrid (hard/soft) composites
  34. Submicrometric 2D ratchet effect in magnetic domain wall motion
  35. Tunable exchange bias-like effect in patterned hard-soft two-dimensional lateral composites with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  36. Thermomagnetic behaviour and compositional irreversibility on (Fe/Si)3 multilayer films
  37. Sensing with metallic nanowires
  38. Analysis of a fibre optic sensor design based on SPR in nanowire metamaterial films
  39. Ag-nanowire metamaterials: spectral reflectance analysis and homogenization models
  40. Controlled nucleation of topological defects in the stripe domain patterns of lateral multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  41. Large negative thermal expansion of the Co subnetwork measured by EXAFS in highly disordered Nd 1− x Co x thin films with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  42. Fabrication and magnetic properties of nanostructured amorphous Nd–Co films with lateral modulation of magnetic stripe period
  43. Exciting the optical response of nanowire metamaterial films on the tip of optical fibres
  44. Topological Defects and Misfit Strain in Magnetic Stripe Domains of Lateral Multilayers With Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy
  45. Magnetic Behavior of High Density Arrays of Co Bars with Strong Magnetostatic Coupling
  46. Magnetization processes in rectangular versus rhombic planar superlattices of magnetic bars
  47. Crossed ratchet effects on magnetic domain walls: geometry and transverse field effects
  48. Minor elements determination and evaluation of diffusion/segregation effects on ultra-thin layers using pulsed-RF-GD-TOFMS
  49. Ferromagnetic proximity effect ina-CoxSi1−x/Nbbilayers: Role of magnetic disorder and interface transparency
  50. Interplay between collective pinning and artificial defects on domain wall propagation in Co/Pt multilayers
  51. Study of domain wall propagation in nanostructured CoPt multilayers by using antisymmetric magnetoresistance