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  1. Generation of terahertz transients from Co2Fe0.4Mn0.6Si -Heusler-alloy/normal-metal nanobilayers excited by femtosecond optical pulses
  2. Laser-driven resonant magnetic soft-x-ray scattering for probing ultrafast antiferromagnetic and structural dynamics
  3. Coherent GHz lattice and magnetization excitations in thin epitaxial Ag/Fe/Cr/Fe films
  4. Magnetization relaxation dynamics in [Co/Pt]3 multilayers on pico- and nanosecond timescales
  5. Multistate current-induced magnetization switching in Au/Fe/MgO(001) epitaxial heterostructures
  6. Cyclophane with eclipsed pyrene units enables construction of spin interfaces with chemical accuracy
  7. Direct measurement of anisotropic conductivity in a nanolaminated (Mn0.5Cr0.5)2GaC thin film
  8. Magnetically and optically tunable terahertz radiation from Ta/NiFe/Pt spintronic nanolayers generated by femtosecond laser pulses
  9. Current-induced domain wall oscillations in a nanowire imaged by time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy
  10. Ultra-High Vacuum Deposition of Pyrene Molecules on Metal Surfaces
  11. Element-selective investigation of femtosecond spin dynamics in NiPd magnetic alloys using extreme ultraviolet radiation
  12. Magnetic subunits within a single molecule–surface hybrid
  13. Quantum interference effects in molecular spin hybrids
  14. Erratum: Magnetic measurements with atomic-plane resolution
  15. Magnetic measurements with atomic-plane resolution
  16. Magnetic properties, morphology and interfaces of (Fe/Si) nanostructures
  17. Magnetic surface domain imaging of uncapped epitaxial FeRh(001) thin films across the temperature-induced metamagnetic transition
  18. Spin-Hybrids: A Single-Molecule Approach to Spintronics
  19. Adsorption phenomena of cubane-type tetranuclear Ni(II) complexes with neutral, thioether-functionalized ligands on Au(111)
  20. Charging effect reduction in electron beam lithography and observation of single nanopillars on highly insulating substrates
  21. Spin-torque-induced dynamics at fine-split frequencies in nano-oscillators with two stacked vortices
  22. Detection of the Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy in X-Ray Magnetic Linear Dichroism Reflection Spectra Across the Fe 3p and 2p Edges
  23. Thermomagnetic behaviour and compositional irreversibility on (Fe/Si)3 multilayer films
  24. Iron silicide formation at different layers of (Fe/Si)3 multilayered structures determined by conversion electron Mössbauer spectroscopy
  25. Epitaxial Cu(001) films grown on a Cr/Ag/Fe/GaAs(001) buffer system
  27. Influence of the crystal structure of thin Co films on X-ray magnetic linear dichroism—Comparison of ab initio theory and reflectometry experiments
  28. Magnetocrystalline anisotropy in x-ray magnetic linear dichroism at the 3pedges of crystalline Fe thin films
  29. Quantitative characterization of nanoscale polycrystalline magnets with electron magnetic circular dichroism
  30. Dual wavelength magneto-optical imaging of magnetic thin films
  31. Accessing 4f-states in single-molecule spintronics
  32. Hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy on the trilayer system MgO/Au/Fe using standing-wave excitation
  33. X-ray magneto-optical polarization spectroscopy: an analysis from the visible region to the x-ray regime
  34. Electronic structure, surface morphology, and topologically protected surface states of Sb2Te3 thin films grown on Si(111)
  35. Quenched Slonczewski windmill in spin-torque vortex oscillators
  36. The Influence of Magnetic Anisotropy on Current-Induced Spindynamics
  37. Electrical Spin Injection into InN Semiconductor Nanowires
  38. Observation and implications of magnetic domains in lateral spin valves
  39. Antiferromagnetic coupling across silicon regulated by tunneling currents
  40. Injection locking of single-vortex and double-vortex spin-torque oscillators
  41. Spin-transfer torque induced vortex dynamics in Fe/Ag/Fe nanopillars
  42. Origin of the Planar Hall Effect in NanocrystallineCo60Fe20B20
  43. Hard x-ray photoemission using standing-wave excitation applied to the MgO/Fe interface
  44. Layer-selective studies of an anti-ferromagnetically coupled multilayer by resonant magnetic reflectivity in the extreme ultraviolet range
  45. Injection locking of the gyrotropic vortex motion in a nanopillar
  46. Resonant magnetic reflectivity in the extreme ultraviolet spectral range: Interlayer-coupled Co/Si/Ni/Fe multilayer system
  47. Magnetization dynamics in spin torque nano-oscillators: Vortex state versus uniform state
  48. Observation of Josephson coupling through an interlayer of antiferromagnetically ordered chromium
  49. Thickness dependence of linear and quadratic magneto-optical Kerr effects in ultrathin Fe(001) films
  50. Magneto-electronics
  51. Depth-resolved soft x-ray photoelectron emission microscopy in nanostructures via standing-wave excited photoemission
  52. Interface and bulk magnetization dynamics in biaxial Fe/Cr structures induced by ultrashort optical pulses
  53. Spin-Transfer Induced Dynamic Modes in Single-Crystalline Fe–Ag–Fe Nanopillars
  54. Domain structure in biaxial Fe/Cr films induced by lateral fluctuations of the magnetic anisotropy
  55. Twisted magnetization state at the interface of an antiferromagnetically coupled Fe/Si multilayer as probed by specular and off-specular polarized neutron scattering
  56. Asymmetric spin-transfer torque in single-crystallineFe∕Ag∕Fenanopillars
  57. Polarized neutron reflectivity of dilute magnetic semiconductors
  58. Magnetization dynamics induced by ultrashort optical pulses inFe∕Crthin films
  59. Intensity of Brillouin light scattering from spin waves in magnetic multilayers with noncollinear spin configurations: Theory and experiment
  60. Large tunneling magnetoresistance effect at high voltage drop for Co-based Heusler alloy∕MgO∕CoFe junctions
  61. Interfacial magnetization in exchange-coupledFe∕Cr∕Festructures investigated by second harmonic generation
  62. Large inverse tunneling magnetoresistance in Co2Cr0.6Fe0.4Al∕MgO∕Co80Fe20 magnetic tunnel junctions
  63. Spin-transfer phenomena in layered magnetic structures: Physical phenomena and materials aspects
  64. Current-in-plane giant magnetoresistance: The effect of interface roughness and spin-depolarization due to the proximity of a buffer layer
  65. Normal and inverse current-induced magnetization switching in a single nanopillar
  66. FMR study of thin films of Co2Cr0.6Fe0.4Al and Co2MnSi Heusler alloys
  67. Structural and magneto-transport characterization of Co2CrxFe1-xAl Heusler alloy films
  68. Anisotropic FMR-linewidth of triple-domain Fe layers on hexagonal GaN(0001)
  69. FMR investigations of half-metallic ferromagnets
  70. Magnetic properties of Fe films and Fe∕Si∕Fe trilayers grown on GaAs(001) and MgO(001) by ion-beam sputter epitaxy
  71. Field-dependent magnetic domain structure in antiferromagnetically coupled multilayers by polarized neutron scattering
  72. Structure and Mathematical Modelling
  73. Epitaxial growth and characterization of Fe thin films on wurtzite GaN(0001)
  74. Nonuniform and sequential magnetization reversal via domain structure formation for multilayered system with grain size induced enhanced exchange bias
  75. Enhanced exchange bias in ferromagnet/antiferromagnet multilayers
  76. Magnetic characteristics of epitaxial Ge(Mn,Fe) diluted films —a new room temperature magnetic semiconductor?
  77. Measurement and simulation of polarized neutron reflectivity and off-specular scattering from evolving magnetic domain structure in Co/Cu multilayers
  78. Polarized neutron scattering from polycrystalline, exchange-biased magnetic multilayers
  79. Quantitative investigation of FeMn-based spin-valves by rotating field magnetoresistance measurements
  80. Rotating-field magnetoresistance of exchange-biased spin valves
  81. Sequence, symmetry, and magnetic fluctuations of the magnetization reversal in exchange-biased multilayers
  82. Enhanced exchange bias due to an ultra-thin, non-magnetic insulator spacer layer
  83. Interlayer Exchange Coupling of Ferromagnetic Films Across Semiconducting Interlayers
  84. Antiferromagnetic interlayer exchange coupling across epitaxial, Ge-containing spacers
  85. Inverse giant magnetoresistance due to spin-dependent interface scattering in Fe/Cr/Au/Co
  86. Dynamic and static measurements on epitaxial Fe/Si/Fe
  87. Tunneling in epitaxial Fe/Si/Fe structures with strong antiferromagnetic interlayer coupling
  88. Spin waves in magnetic double layers with strong antiferromagnetic interlayer exchange coupling: Theory and experiment
  89. Correlation of magnetotransport and structure in sputtered Co/Cu multilayers
  90. Optimizing the giant magnetoresistance of NiFe/Cu/Co pseudo spin-valves prepared by magnetron sputtering
  91. Spin-wave modes and line broadening in strongly coupled epitaxial Fe/Al/Fe and Fe/Si/Fe trilayers observed by Brillouin light scattering
  92. Strain sensors based on magnetostrictive GMR/TMR structures
  93. Perpendicular magnetic domains of a thin Ag/Fe/Ag film observed by magnetic force microscopy at room temperature
  94. Enhanced antiferromagnetic exchange coupling in Fe/Si/Fe epitaxial trilayers with Fe0.5Si0.5 boundary layers
  95. Roughness-induced enhancement of giant magnetoresistance in epitaxial Fe/Cr/Fe(001) trilayers
  96. Very strong interlayer exchange coupling in epitaxial Fe/Fe1−xSix/Fe trilayers (x=0.4–1.0)
  97. Exchange coupling of molecular-beam-epitaxy-grown Fe/Al/Fe trilayers by dynamic techniques
  98. Metallic-Type Oscillatory Interlayer Exchange Coupling across an Epitaxial FeSi Spacer
  99. Interface morphology of a Cr(001)/Fe(001) superlattice determined by scanning tunneling microscopy and x-ray diffraction: A comparison
  100. Correlation of short-period oscillatory exchange coupling to nanometer-scale lateral interface structure in Fe/Cr/Fe(001)
  101. In-plane momentum conservation in Fe/Cr/Au/Fe(001) layered structures
  102. Surface structure ofi−Al68Pd23Mn9:An analysis based on theT*(2F)tiling decorated by Bergman polytopes
  103. Spin reorientations induced by morphology changes in Fe/Ag(001)
  104. Atomic-scale scanning tunneling microscopy of amorphous surfaces
  105. Solid phase epitaxy of a ternary system
  106. Antiferromagnetic Interlayer Exchange Coupling across an Amorphous Metallic Spacer Layer
  107. Imaging Ga tetramers onAg(001)by scanning tunneling microscopy: Theory and experiment
  108. Optimized epitaxial growth of Fe on Ag(001)
  109. Surface structure of a binary alloy in different states of order: The transformation between the amorphous and the crystalline phase
  110. Ag films on : from clean surfaces to atomic Ga structures
  111. The surface structure of icosahedral Al68Pd23Mn9 measured by STM and LEED
  112. Quasicrystalline Structure of IcosahedralAl68Pd23Mn9Resolved by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
  113. Investigation of the icosahedral quasicrystal Al68Pd23Mn9 by LEED and STM
  114. Local structure and dynamics of a segregatedc(2×2) sulfur layer on Pd(001) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
  115. Atomic surface structure of Fe3O4(001) in different preparation stages studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
  116. Model calculation for spin-polarized tunneling
  117. Recent advances in spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy
  118. Scanning tunneling microscopy study of the degree of dimer asymmetry on the Si(001)-(2 × 1) surface
  119. Progress towards spin‐polarized scanning tunneling microscopy
  120. Evidence for Selective Imaging of Different Magnetic Ions on the Atomic Scale by Using a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope with a Ferromagnetic Probe Tip
  121. Magnetic imaging at the atomic level
  122. Topographic and Magnetic-Sensitive Scanning Tunneling Microscope Study of Magnetite
  123. Recent advances in scanning tunneling microscopy involving magnetic probes and samples
  124. Laser and thermal annealed Si(111) and Si(001) surfaces studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
  125. Vacuum tunneling of spin-polarized electrons detected by scanning tunneling microscopy
  126. Local structure of the Si(100) surface studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
  127. Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy Study of Si(111) 7×7 in the Presence of Multiple-Step Edges
  128. An ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope for surface science studies
  129. An ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope for the investigation of clean surfaces
  130. From Point Defects to Amorphous Structures: Atomic Resolution Studies of Semiconductor Surfaces by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)