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  1. iScotland: building a unified model of activism in multi-platform communication environments from traditional PR theory
  2. Taking off the rose-colored glasses: the influence of crises on employee relationship management
  3. Why can CSR seem like putting lipstick on a pig? Evaluating CSR authenticity by comparing practitioner and consumer perspectives
  4. Through the looking glass: The factors that influence consumer trust and distrust in brands
  5. Intercultural Crisis Communication Research Agenda
  6. Did BP Atone for its Transgressions? Expanding Theory on ‘Ethical Apology’ in Crisis Communication
  7. Self-Reporting and the Argumentativeness Scale: An Empirical Examination
  8. Synchronizing crisis responses after a transgression
  9. Accuracy, Coherence, and Discrepancy in Self- and Other-Reports
  10. Reconstructing Stakeholder Relationships Using ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ as a Response Strategy to Cases of Corporate Irresponsibility: The Case of the 2010 BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
  11. Reconceptualizing Mass Communication as Engagement: The Influence of Social Media