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  1. Women academics in Pakistani higher education institutions: who really is the Big Bad Wolf?
  2. Decolonial-posthuman pedagogy and conceptualising ‘womanness’ in postcolonial Pakistan
  3. Decolonial pedagogy and English literary studies: problematics in a Pakistani context
  4. A Defense of the French Feminists: Countering Spivak’s Arguments in “French Feminism in an International Frame”
  5. Maha Khan Phillips, The Curse of Mohenjodaro
  6. Deconstructive pedagogy and ideological demystification in post-colonial Pakistan
  7. Erratum: “Marginalization” in third world feminism: its problematics and theoretical reconfiguration
  8. Reconfiguring the Marginalisation of third world women
  9. Commentary 3. Tracing Roots in a Foreign Language
  10. Exploring Alternativism: South Asian Muslim Women's English Fiction
  11. EkphrasticPractices in Catalysing Creative Writing in Undergraduate ESL Classrooms
  12. The Recipe for Novelty: Using Bilingualism and Indigenous Literary Genres in an Advanced Level L2 Creative Writing Context in Pakistan
  13. Honor Killing
  14. Teaching Creative Writing to University Level Second Language Learners in Pakistan
  15. Non-Human Narrative Agency in Pakistani Anglophone Literature