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  1. Bidirectional Power Sharing in an AC/DC system with a Dual Active Bridge Converter
  2. An improved Control Strategy for Accurate Load Sharing in an Autonomous Microgrid
  3. Provisional Internal and External Power Exchange to Support Remote Sustainable Microgrids in the course of Power Deficiency
  4. Techniques for a Wind Energy System Integration with an Islanded Microgrid
  5. Wide-area control through aggregation of power systems
  6. ZigBee-Based Communication System for Data Transfer Within Future Microgrids
  7. Nanogrid
  8. Overload management of autonomous microgrids
  9. Interconnection of two neighboring autonomous microgrids based on small signal analysis
  10. Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids
  11. Static Compensators (STATCOMs) in Power Systems
  12. Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids
  13. Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids
  14. A Supervisory Load-Leveling Approach to Improve the Voltage Profile in Distribution Network
  15. Application of DSTATCOM for surplus power circulation in MV and LV distribution networks with single-phase distributed energy resources
  16. Applications of Power Electronic Devices in Distribution Systems
  17. Controlling current and voltage type interfaces in power-hardware-in-the-loop simulations
  18. A frequency adaptive single-phase phase-locked loop with harmonic rejection
  19. Interconnected microgrids via back-to-back converters for dynamic frequency support
  20. Integration of Wind Energy Conversion System with microgrid and utility
  21. Distributed battery storage units for overload prevention in an islanded microgrid
  22. Proposing a new algorithm for defining the shortest distance among ZigBee-based communication devices in microgrids
  23. Developing the guidelines for fabrication of laboratory prototype voltage source converters
  24. Application notes and recommendations on using TMS320F28335 digital Signal Processor to control voltage source converters
  25. Developing the ZigBee based data payload coding for data communication in microgrids
  26. Operation and control of a hybrid AC-DC nanogrid for future community houses
  27. Secondary control in microgrids for dynamic power sharing and voltage/frequency adjustment
  28. Overload prevention in an autonomous microgrid using battery storage units
  29. Application of DSTATCOM for surplus power circulation in MV and LV distribution networks with single-phase distributed energy resources
  30. Stability synthesis of power hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) simulation
  31. SEP of dual-ring star-QAM over FSO channels with atmospheric turbulence
  32. Demand-side response model to avoid spike of electricity price
  33. Voltage Unbalance Reduction in Low Voltage Feeders by Dynamic Switching of Residential Customers Among Three Phases
  34. Identification and estimation of equivalent area parameters using synchronised phasor measurements
  35. Primary control level of parallel distributed energy resources converters in system of multiple interconnected autonomous microgrids within self-healing networks
  36. Voltage unbalance improvement in low voltage residential feeders with rooftop PVs using custom power devices
  37. Interconnected Autonomous Microgrids in Smart Grids with Self-Healing Capability
  38. High Penetration of Rooftop Photovoltaic Cells in Low Voltage Distribution Networks: Voltage Imbalance and Improvement
  39. Smart Inter-Phase Switching of Residential Loads in Low Voltage Distribution Feeders
  40. On-line Demand Management of Low Voltage Residential Distribution Networks in Smart Grids
  41. Predicting Voltage Unbalance Impacts of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Penetration in Residential Low-voltage Distribution Networks
  42. Operation and control of three phase microgrids consisting of single-phase DERs
  43. Smart Coordination of Energy Storage Units (ESUs) for Voltage and Loading Management in Distribution Networks
  44. Smart Robust Resources Control in LV Network to Deal With Voltage Rise Issue
  45. Decentralized voltage support in a Low Voltage feeder by droop based voltage controlled PVs
  46. Control, operation and power sharing among parallel converter-interfaced DERs in a microgrid in the presence of unbalanced and harmonic loads
  47. Voltage regulation, power balancing and battery storage discharge control by smart demand side management and multi-objective decision making
  48. Identification of reduced models of power system areas using phasor measurement units
  49. A phase-locked-loop design for the smooth operation of a hybrid microgrid
  50. Wide-area control of aggregated power systems
  51. Analysing DBD plasma lamp intensity versus power consumption using a push-pull pulsed power supply
  52. Robust control algorithm for grid-interfaced three-phase inverters with high-bandwidth LCL filter
  53. Power system stability enhancement using flux control for excitation system
  54. Distribution tap changer adjustment to improve small-scale embedded generator penetration and mitigate voltage rise
  55. Defining expected cost for the air conditioning to avoid a price spike of electricity market under DSR model
  56. Dynamic equivalent state estimation for multi-area power systems with synchronized phasor measurement units
  57. A new technique for optimal allocation and sizing of capacitors and setting of LTC
  58. Improving Power Quality in Low-Voltage Networks Containing Distributed Energy Resources
  59. Advanced Battery Storage Control for an Autonomous Microgrid
  60. Autonomous operation of multiple interconnected microgrids with self-healing capability
  61. Voltage unbalance reduction in low voltage feeders by dynamic switching of residential customers among three phases
  62. Power sharing control with frequency droop in a hybrid microgrid
  63. Voltage quality improvement in distribution networks containing DERs using UPQC
  64. Optimal distribution network reinforcement considering load growth, line loss and reliability
  65. Studies in power hardware in the loop (PHIL) simulation using real-time digital simulator (RTDS)
  66. Chronological Categorization and Decomposition of Customer Loads
  67. High-Voltage Modular Power Supply Using Parallel and Series Configurations of Flyback Converter for Pulsed Power Applications
  68. A flexible solid-state pulsed power topology
  69. A high frequency current source converter with adjustable magnitude to drive high power piezoelectric transducers
  70. Parallel and series configurations of flyback converter for pulsed power applications
  71. Integrated Distribution Systems Planning to Improve Reliability Under Load Growth
  72. A novel CDVM based high-voltage converter using low power solid-state switches and a tuned resonant circuit designed for pulsed power applications
  73. Load Frequency Control in a Microgrid: Challenges and Improvements
  74. Voltage correction in low voltage distribution networks with rooftop PVs using custom power devices
  75. Protection of distributed generation connected networks with coordination of overcurrent relays
  76. Distribution feeder voltage support and power factor control by distributed multiple inverters
  77. Optimal integrated planning of MV–LV distribution systems using DPSO
  78. Voltage imbalance analysis in residential low voltage distribution networks with rooftop PVs
  79. A new family of marx generators based on commutation circuits
  80. Multi objective decision making method for demand side management of LV residential distribution networks with plug-in electric vehicles
  81. Dynamic response of distributed generators in a hybrid microgrid
  82. Intelligent distribution planning and control incorporating microgrids
  83. Control and protection of a microgrid connected to utility through back-to-back converters
  84. Interpreting regional frequencies from synchronized phasor measurement in multi-area power systems
  85. Natural Balancing of Flying Capacitor Voltages in Multicell Inverter Under PD Carrier-Based PWM
  86. Hysteresis Modulation of Multilevel Inverters
  87. A Novel Load Transfer Scheme for Peak Load Management in Rural Areas
  88. A new family of multi‐output DC‐DC converter topologies to supply an asymmetrical four‐level diode‐clamped inverter
  89. Improvement of transient stability of power systems with STATCOM-controller using trajectory sensitivity
  90. Stability boundary analysis of the dynamic voltage restorer in weak systems with dynamic loads
  91. Performance Comparison of VSC-Based Shunt and Series Compensators Used for Load Voltage Control in Distribution Systems
  92. A new pulsed power supply topology based on positive buck-boost converters concept
  93. A Novel High-Voltage Pulsed-Power Supply Based on Low-Voltage Switch–Capacitor Units
  94. Droop Control of Converter-Interfaced Microsources in Rural Distributed Generation
  95. Combination of Kalman Filter and Least-Error Square Techniques in Power System
  96. Voltage-sharing converter to supply single-phase asymmetrical four-level diode-clamped inverter with high power factor loads
  97. Non-linear Oscillations Assessment of the Distribution Static Compensator Operating in Voltage Control Mode
  98. A new family of Marx generator based on resonant converter
  99. Tuning harmonic absorption of voltage source converters
  100. A new configuration for planar magnetic elements to reduce capacitive couplings
  101. Common mode voltage in a motor drive system with PFC
  102. Operation and control of a hybrid microgrid containing unbalanced and nonlinear loads
  103. Sensitivity analysis of voltage imbalance in distribution networks with rooftop PVs
  104. Improved power sharing among distributed generators using web based communication
  105. Flying-Capacitor-Based Chopper Circuit for DC Capacitor Voltage Balancing in Diode-Clamped Multilevel Inverter
  106. Multiband Hysteresis Modulation and Switching Characterization for Sliding-Mode-Controlled Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
  107. A comparative study of the methods of inclusion of PMU current phasor measurements in a hybrid state estimator
  108. Power Management and Power Flow Control With Back-to-Back Converters in a Utility Connected Microgrid
  109. Improvement of Stability and Load Sharing in an Autonomous Microgrid Using Supplementary Droop Control Loop
  110. Load Frequency Control for Rural Distributed Generation
  111. Power Network in Loop: A Paradigm for Real-Time Simulation and Hardware Testing
  112. Enhancing the Stability of an Autonomous Microgrid Using DSTATCOM
  113. Enhancing Stability of an Autonomous Microgrid using a Gain Scheduled Angle Droop Controller with Derivative Feedback
  114. Asymmetrical DC Link Voltage Configuration for a Diode-Clamped Inverter
  115. Stability analysis and control of multiple converter based autonomous microgrid
  116. Power quality enhanced operation and control of a microgrid based custom power park
  117. Operation and control of a microgrid containing inertial and non-inertial micro sources
  118. An inverse time admittance relay for fault detection in distribution networks containing DGs
  119. EMI issues in high power and high level diode-clamped converters
  120. Efficient voltage/current spike reduction by Active Gate Signaling
  121. Design of self-tuning controllers for a two terminal HVDC link
  122. Operation and control of single phase micro-sources in a utility connected grid
  123. Stability Analysis Based on Bifurcation Theory of the DSTATCOM Operating in Current Control Mode
  124. Angle droop versus frequency droop in a voltage source converter based autonomous microgrid
  125. An Optimization-Based Algorithm for Shunt Active Filter Under Distorted Supply Voltages
  126. Detection and Estimation of Nonstationary Power Transients
  127. Control and protection of a microgrid with converter interfaced micro sources
  128. Reliability driven reconfiguration of rural power distribution systems
  129. Power sharing and stability enhancement of an autonomous microgrid with inertial and non-inertial DGs with DSTATCOM
  130. Active power flow control in a distribution system using discontinuous voltage controller
  131. Power System Stability and Load Sharing in Distributed Generation
  132. Bidirectional positive buck-boost converter
  133. A new DC-DC converter with multi output: Topology and control strategies
  134. Bearing damage analysis by calculation of capacitive coupling between inner and outer races of a ball bearing
  135. Generalized converter modulation and loss estimation for grid interface applications
  136. A hybrid discontinuous voltage controller for DSTATCOM applications
  137. Voltage regulation in parallel distribution feeders using IVOLCON
  138. Control of parallel converters for load sharing with seamless transfer between grid connected and islanded modes
  139. A general approach to control a Positive Buck-Boost converter to achieve robustness against input voltage fluctuations and load changes
  140. Critical load bus voltage control using DVR under system frequency variation
  141. Operation and Control of a DVR in the Presence of Interharmonics
  142. Applications of power electronics in railway systems
  143. State Feedback Control of Multilevel Inverters for DSTATCOM Applications
  144. Transient Stability Assessment of Power Systems Containing Series and Shunt Compensators
  145. Using Trajectory Sensitivity for Stability Assessment of a Ward-PV Equivalent Power System
  146. Multilevel Converters for Unified Power Flow Controller: A Performance Based Analysis
  147. Control of cascaded transformer multilevel inverter based DSTATCOM
  148. TCSC control design for transient stability improvement of a multi-machine power system using trajectory sensitivity
  149. Application of Trajectory Sensitivity for the Evaluation of the Effect of TCSC Placement on Transient Stability
  150. Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner
  151. Capacitor Voltage Balancing Schemes in Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverters
  152. A Novel Method of Load Compensation Under Unbalanced and Distorted Voltages
  153. Hysteresis Current Control Operation of Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter and Its Application in Shunt Compensation of Distribution Systems
  154. Trajectory Sensitivity Analysis in Distributed Generation Systems
  155. Main System and Microgrid Support using a Distributed Generator through Back-to-back Inverters
  156. Inverter topologies for DSTATCOM applications—a simulation study
  157. The protection of sensitive loads from interharmonic currents using shunt/series active filters
  158. Load compensation for systems with non-stiff source using state feedback
  159. Power Quality Enhancement Using Custom Power Devices
  160. Introduction
  161. Realization and Control of DSTATCOM
  162. Structure and Control of Power Converters
  163. Series Compensation of Power Distribution System
  164. Custom Power Devices: An Introduction
  165. Characterization of Electric Power Quality
  166. Analysis and Conventional Mitigation Methods
  167. Load Compensation using DSTATCOM
  168. Unified Power Quality Conditioner
  169. Distributed Generation and Grid Interconnection
  170. Solid State Limiting, Breaking and Transferring Devices
  171. Future Directions and Opportunities for Power Quality Enhancement
  172. A new compensation algorithm for balanced and unbalanced distribution systems using generalized instantaneous reactive power theory
  173. A unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) for simultaneous voltage and current compensation
  174. Control of Dynamic Brake Through Heuristic Rule
  175. A novel current initialization scheme for parallel resonant dc link inverter
  176. Torsional oscillation studies in an SSSC compensated power system
  177. Damping of subsynchronous resonance oscillations with TCSC and PSS and their control interaction
  178. The use of instantaneous symmetrical components for balancing a delta connected load and power factor correction
  179. Development of a Novel HVDC System Model for Control Design
  180. Suitable configuration of ASVC for power transmission application
  181. Static synchronous series compensator—design, control and application
  182. Modeling and control design of a static synchronous series compensator
  183. A novel control strategy for a braking resistor
  184. Modelling and control of switch-mode DC-DC converters using state transition matrices
  185. A discrete-time model of thyristor controlled series compensators
  186. Design and application of a fuzzy logic control scheme for transient stability enhancement in power systems
  187. Two-terminal HVDC system model for converter control stability analysis based on multirate sampling