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  1. Foreign Policy Analysis and Realism
  2. Junior allies in wars of choice: Party politics and role conceptions in Danish and Romanian decisions on the Iraq War
  3. King in the North: evaluating the status recognition and performance of the Scandinavian countries
  4. Polarity in International Relations
  5. The Grand Strategies of Small States
  6. Charismatic leadership in foreign policy
  7. Small State Diplomacy and Covid19
  8. Denmark and the European Union
  9. Punching above their weight, but why? Explaining Denmark and Estonia in the transatlantic relationship
  10. Forerunner, follower, exceptionalist or bridge builder? Mapping Nordicness in Danish foreign policy
  11. Small States and Shelter Theory
  12. The Power of Peaceful Change: The Crisis of the European Union and the Rebalancing of Europe's Regional Order
  13. How do small island states maximize influence?
  14. Nordic States and European Integration
  15. The Nordic Model for International Peace and Security
  16. What does realism tell us about foreign policy?
  17. Torbjørn L. Knutsen, Halvard Leira and Iver B. Neumann, Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Idéhistorie 1890–1940
  18. How do small states influence international security?
  19. Beacon of Liberty: Role Conceptions, Crises and Stability in Georgia's Foreign Policy, 2004–2012
  20. Small states in the modern world: vulnerabilities and opportunities. Edited by Harald Baldersheim and Michael Keating
  21. The Nordic Countries and the European Union
  22. The militarization of small state foreign policy: the case of Denmark
  23. Maximizing Influence in the European Union after the Lisbon Treaty: From Small State Policy to Smart State Strategy
  24. Security, profit or shadow of the past? Explaining the security strategies of microstates
  25. Balancing against threats or bandwagoning with power? Europe and the transatlantic relationship after the Cold War
  26. Understanding national IR disciplines outside the United States: political culture and the construction of International Relations in Denmark
  27. The Power Politics of Peace
  28. Theory and Prospects for Northern Europe's Small States
  29. Security Dilemma