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  1. Roadmap on artificial intelligence and big data techniques for superconductivity
  2. A Collision Avoidance Method for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Based on Long Short-Term Memories
  3. A Novel Approach to the Two-Dimensional Cargo Load Problem
  4. A Review on Artificial Intelligence Applications for Multiple Sclerosis Evaluation and Diagnosis
  5. A Review on Dimensionality Reduction for Machine Learning
  6. Analysing and Modeling Customer Success in Digital Marketing
  7. The Impact of the Size of the Partition in the Performance of Bat Algorithm
  8. Real-Time Automatic Wall Detection and Localization based on Side Scan Sonar Images
  9. Emerging Technologies and Applications for a Smart and Sustainable World
  10. Preface
  11. Machine Learning Methods for Signal, Image and Speech Processing
  12. A Novel Approach for Send Time Prediction on Email Marketing
  13. Artificial intelligence methods for applied superconductivity: material, design, manufacturing, testing, operation, and condition monitoring
  14. Deep Neural Networks Applied to Stock Market Sentiment Analysis
  15. A Self-Parametrization Framework for Meta-Heuristics
  16. A Review on MOEA and Metaheuristics for Feature-Selection
  17. A Tool for Air Cargo Planning and Distribution
  18. Data-Driven Disaster Management in a Smart City
  19. Deep Learning for Big Data
  20. Diagnostics of electrochemically exfoliated nanographite by infrared and Raman spectroscopy
  21. Remote Monitor System for Alzheimer Disease
  22. State of the Art of Wind and Power Prediction for Wind Farms
  23. State of the Art on Advanced Control of Electric Energy Transformation to Hydrogen
  24. Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis and Optimal Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems Coupled with Energy Storage
  25. A Novel Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Travelling Salesman Problems
  26. Intelligent Scheduling with Reinforcement Learning
  27. A Hybrid Metaheuristics Parameter Tuning Approach for Scheduling through Racing and Case-Based Reasoning
  28. An Intelligent Monitoring System for Assessing Bee Hive Health
  29. Development of a Reinforcement Learning System to Solve the Job Shop Problem
  30. Solving the Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Reinforcement Learning: A Statistical Analysis
  31. The Fusion of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing in Health Care
  32. Analysis of lot-sizing methods’ suitability for different manufacturing application scenarios oriented to MRP and JIT/Kanban environments
  33. Characterizing Parkinson’s Disease from Speech Samples Using Deep Structured Learning
  34. Application of the Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Minimize the makespan on the Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Setup Times
  35. A Machine Learning Approach to Contact Databases’ Importation for Spam Prevention
  36. Decision Support Tool for Dynamic Scheduling
  37. Deep Reinforcement Learning as a Job Shop Scheduling Solver: A Literature Review
  38. Ontology-Based Meta-model for Hybrid Collaborative Scheduling
  39. Automatic detection of Parkinson’s disease based on acoustic analysis of speech
  40. Model Proposal to Evaluate the Quality of a Production Planning and Control Software in an Industrial Context
  41. An Industry 4.0 oriented tool for supporting dynamic selection of dispatching rules based on Kano model satisfaction scheduling
  42. Preface
  43. The Influence of Problem Specific Neighborhood Structures in Metaheuristics Performance
  44. A Dynamic Selection of Dispatching Rules Based on the Kano Model Satisfaction Scheduling Tool
  45. A low-cost automatic fall prevention system for inpatients
  46. Manufacturing Services Classification in a Decentralized Supply Chain Using Text Mining
  47. Neurodegenerative Diseases Detection Through Voice Analysis
  48. Evaluation of the Simulated Annealing and the Discrete Artificial Bee Colony in the Weight Tardiness Problem with Taguchi Experiments Parameterization
  49. Industrial Plant Layout Analyzing Based on SNA
  50. Metaheuristics Parameter Tuning Using Racing and Case-Based Reasoning in Scheduling Systems
  51. Specification of an Architecture for Self-organizing Scheduling Systems
  52. Evaluating the effectiveness of Bayesian and Neural Networks for Adaptive Schedulling Systems
  53. Study on the impact of the NS in the performance of meta-heuristics in the TSP
  54. Self-Optimizing A Multi-Agent Scheduling System: A Racing Based Approach
  55. User modelling in scheduling system with artificial neural networks
  56. Racing based approach for Metaheuristics parameter tuning
  57. Q-learning based hyper-heuristic for scheduling system self-parameterization
  58. Scheduling single-machine problem oriented by Just-in-Time principles — A case study
  59. An integer programming approach for balancing and scheduling in extended manufacturing environment
  60. Scheduling and batching in multi-site flexible flow shop environments
  61. Selection constructive based hyper-heuristic for dynamic scheduling
  62. An ordered heuristic for the allocation of resources in unrelated parallel-machines
  63. A hybrid framework for supporting scheduling in extended manufacturing environments
  64. Using personas for supporting user modeling on scheduling systems
  65. An ordered approach to Minimum Completion Time in unrelated parallel-machines for the makespan optimization
  66. Alternative approaches analysis for scheduling in an Extended Manufacturing Environment
  67. An architecture for user modeling on Intelligent and Adaptive Scheduling Systems
  68. Cooperation Mechanism for Distributed resource scheduling through artificial bee colony based self-organized scheduling system
  69. Manufacturing rush orders rescheduling: a supervised learning approach
  70. Parallel machines scheduling with fuzzy simulated annealing
  71. Prototype of an Adaptive Decision Support System for Interactive Scheduling with MetaCognition and User Modeling Experience
  72. Ordered minimum completion time heuristic for unrelated parallel-machines problems
  73. Negotiation mechanism for self-organized scheduling system with collective intelligence
  74. Collaborative Framework for Dynamic Scheduling Supporting in Networked Manufacturing Environments
  75. Learning-Assisted Intelligent Scheduling System
  76. Towards Scheduling Optimization through Artificial Bee Colony Approach
  77. Desenvolvimento e avaliação de um interface com o utilizador para um sistema de escalonamento
  78. Self-Optimization module for Scheduling using Case-based Reasoning
  79. A User-Centered Interface for Scheduling Problem Definition
  80. Cooperative Scheduling System with Emergent Swarm Based Behavior
  81. Editorial A Successful Change From TNN to TNNLS and a Very Successful Year
  82. Ant Colony System based approach to single machine scheduling problems: Weighted tardiness scheduling problem
  83. Multi-apprentice learning for meta-heuristics parameter tuning in a Multi Agent Scheduling System
  84. Conflicts Management in Retail Systems with Self-Regulation
  85. Meta-heuristics Self-Parameterization in a Multi-agent Scheduling System Using Case-Based Reasoning
  86. Negotiation mechanism for self-organized scheduling system
  87. Self-organization for scheduling in agile manufacturing
  88. Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems
  89. Scheduling a Cutting and Treatment Stainless Steel Sheet Line with Self-Management Capabilities
  90. Case-based reasoning for Self-Optimizing behavior
  91. Meta-heuristics tunning using CBR for dynamic scheduling
  92. Collective intelligence on dynamic manufacturing scheduling optimization
  93. Intelligent Bio-Inspired system for manufacturing scheduling under uncertainties
  94. Self-optimizing through CBR learning
  95. Self-Optimization for Dynamic Scheduling in Manufacturing Systems
  96. Inter-Machine Cooperation Mechanism for Dynamic Scheduling
  97. MASDScheGATS - Scheduling System for Dynamic Manufacturing Environmemts
  98. A Hybrid Intelligent System for Distributed Dynamic Scheduling
  99. Hybrid Multi-agent System for Cooperative Dynamic Scheduling Through Meta-Heuristics
  100. Hybrid Multi-agent System for Cooperative Dynamic Scheduling Through Meta-Heuristics
  101. An Inter-Machine Activity Coordination based Approach for Dynamic Job Shop Scheduling
  102. A Genetic Algorithm for the Dynamic Single Machine Scheduling Problem
  103. Hybrid Meta-Heuristics Based System for Dynamic Scheduling
  104. Hybrid Meta-Heuristics Based System for Dynamic Scheduling
  105. Hybrid Meta-Heuristics Based System for Dynamic Scheduling
  106. Broker's Direct Cost and Time Variables and Expressions
  107. Developing a Multi-Agent System for Dynamic Scheduling Trough Aose Perspective
  108. Resource-oriented scheduling for real world manufacturing systems
  109. A coordination mechanism for real world scheduling problems using genetic algorithms