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  1. Personnel selection in the digital age: a review of validity and applicant reactions, and future research challenges
  2. Trust in work teams: An integrative review, multilevel model, and future directions
  3. A Review of the Applicant Reactions Literature
  4. Trust in Organizations ☆
  5. Theoretical considerations over trust: relevant aspects for organizational behaviour
  6. Validity of Interpretation: A user validity perspective beyond the test score
  7. Sustainability and Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology: Globalization, Contribution, and Psychological Sustainability
  8. Applicant Reactions in Saudi Arabia: Organizational attractiveness and core-self evaluation
  9. Measuring HRM and organisational performance: concepts, issues, and framework
  10. Trust and social capital in teams and organizations — antecedents, dynamics, benefits and limitations: an introduction
  11. The role of social capital on trust development and dynamics: implications for cooperation, monitoring and team performance
  12. Trust and Control Interrelations
  13. Understanding the Trust-Control Nexus
  14. Work team trust and effectiveness
  15. Trust within teams: The relation with performance effectiveness