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  1. Recent Advances in Hydrophobic Modification of Nanocellulose
  2. Fabrication and Characterization of Polysorbate/Ironmolybdophosphate Nanocomposite: Ion Exchange Properties and pH-responsive Drug Carrier System for Methylcobalamin
  3. Morphology-dependent performance of thin film organic solar cells
  4. Exclusion of Organic Dye Using Neoteric Activated Carbon Prepared from Cornulaca monacantha Stem: Equilibrium and Thermodynamics Studies
  5. SPION/β-cyclodextrin core–shell nanostructures for oil spill remediation and organic pollutant removal from waste water
  6. Biodegradable and conducting hydrogels based on Guar gum polysaccharide for antibacterial and dye removal applications
  7. Combined sorptional–photocatalytic remediation of dyes by polyaniline Zr(IV) selenotungstophosphate nanocomposite
  8. Polyacrylamide/Ni 0.02 Zn 0.98 O Nanocomposite with High Solar Light Photocatalytic Activity and Efficient Adsorption Capacity for Toxic Dye Removal
  9. Synthesis and characterization of a new nanocomposite cation exchanger polyacrylamide Ce(IV) silicophosphate: Photocatalytic and antimicrobial applications
  10. Zero valent iron-brick grain nanocomposite for enhanced solar-Fenton removal of malachite green
  11. Magnetic polymer nanocomposites for environmental and biomedical applications
  12. Laccase-assisted surface functionalization of lignocellulosics
  13. Removal of malachite green and methylene blue by Fe0.01Ni0.01Zn0.98O/polyacrylamide nanocomposite using coupled adsorption and photocatalysis
  14. Solar-Fenton removal of malachite green with novel Fe0-activated carbon nanocomposite
  15. Fabrication of nanocomposite polyaniline zirconium(IV) silicophosphate for photocatalytic and antimicrobial activity
  16. Adsorptional removal of methylene blue by guar gum–cerium (IV) tungstate hybrid cationic exchanger
  17. Surface Functionalization of Sisal Fibers Using Peroxide Treatment Followed by Grafting of Poly(ethyl acrylate) and Copolymers
  18. A novel nanocomposite of polyaniline and Fe0.01Ni0.01Zn0.98O: Photocatalytic, electrical and antibacterial properties
  19. Synthesis and characterization of novel Fe@ZnO nanosystem
  20. Peroxide Treatment of Soy Protein Fibers Followed by Grafting of Poly(methyl acrylate) and Copolymers
  21. Preparation of BSA-ZnWO4Nanocomposites with Enhanced Adsorptional Photocatalytic Activity for Methylene Blue Degradation
  22. Solution Combustion Preparation Of Fe2O3- Nano-flakes: Synthesis And Characterization
  23. A Comparative Analysis Of Structural, Optical And Photocatalytic Properties Of ZnO And Ni Doped ZnO Nanospheres Prepared By Sol Gel Method
  24. Modification of Ramie Fibers Using Microwave-Assisted Grafting and Cellulase Enzyme–Assisted Biopolishing: A Comparative Study of Morphology, Thermal Stability, and Crystallinity
  25. Molar volume, viscosity and conductance studies of some alkali metal chlorides in aqueous ascorbic acid