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  1. Identifying Progression in Multiple Sclerosis: New Perspectives
  2. Palliative care in multiple sclerosis: European guideline
  3. EAN guideline on palliative care of people with severe, progressive multiple sclerosis
  4. A resilience group training program for people with multiple sclerosis: Results of a pilot single-blind randomized controlled trial and nested qualitative study
  5. Conversion to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: Multistakeholder experiences and needs in Italy
  6. Italian consensus on treatment of spasticity in multiple sclerosis
  7. There is an urgent need for palliative care specialists in MS – Yes
  8. eMSQOL-29: Prospective validation of the abbreviated, electronic version of MSQOL-54
  9. Randomized controlled trial of a home-based palliative approach for people with severe multiple sclerosis
  10. Web-based medical and health information in multiple sclerosis: for patients and physicians
  11. The ability to measure change of outcome measures in Charcot Marie Tooth neuropathy