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  1. Postural counseling represents a novel option in pain management of fibromyalgia patients [Erratum]
  2. Postural counseling in fibromyalgia patients
  3. Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) management
  4. Anaesthesia Management in Patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome
  5. Fibromyalgia treatment with duloxetine and pregabalin
  6. Waiting Time and Pain During Office Hysteroscopy
  7. Comparison of different anaesthetic methodologies for sedation duringin vitrofertilization procedures: effects on patient physiology and oocyte competence
  8. Challenges in managing cancer pain
  9. New Opioid analgesics
  10. Intravenous Naloxone Plus Transdermal Buprenorphine in Cancer Pain Associated with Intractable Cholestatic Pruritus
  11. General anaesthesia versus local anaesthesia for carotid surgery (GALA): a multicentre, randomised controlled trial
  12. Epidemiology and treatment of pain in Italy: Part I
  13. Epidemiology and treatment of pain in Italy: Part II
  14. Hemodynamic variations during thoracic and abdominal stop-flow regional chemotherapy
  15. Perioperative ketorolac infusion for acute pain management