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  1. Agulhas long-billed lark (Certhilauda brevirostris) densities, population estimates and habitat association in a transformed landscape
  2. Best Student Research Paper Published in Ostrich 2018
  3. Book Review: Biologists in the Age of Totalitarianism
  4. Young Cape Rockjumpers use more water to maintain their body temperatures
  5. There are more birds close to water holes, even when they are not drinking
  6. How to get population estimates from citizien science data for birds of the Karoo biome
  7. Seasonal physiological responses to heat in an alpine range-restricted bird: the Cape Rockjumper (Chaetops frenatus)
  8. Extinct, Endangered or just Over-Looked? Distribution and population size of Hottentot Buttonquail
  9. Find out if Cape Rockjumpers adjust metabolic rate or evaporative water loss to keep cool in summer
  10. How to survey for rare terrestrial species: the case of the Hottentot Buttonquail
  11. Boat and on-foot tourist visits can effect where, how and when macaws feed at geophagy sites
  12. Urbanization, climate and ecological stress indicators in an endemic nectarivore, the Cape Sugarbird
  13. Conservation metrics from citizen science databases
  14. Correlates of water visitation in a fynbos birds community
  15. Bird population estimates from citizen science atlas data
  16. Bird ringing capture rates can be used as a surrogate for local density, with caveats of course....
  17. Endemic birds of the Fynbos biome: a conservation assessment and impacts of climate change
  18. The role of thermal physiology in recent declines of birds in a biodiversity hotspot
  19. Aspects of the Ecology and Morphology of the Protea Seedeater, Crithagra Leucopterus , a Little-Known Fynbos Endemic
  20. Diet and Geophagy Across a Western Amazonian Parrot Assemblage
  21. A distance sampling look at counting parrots in the Amazon.
  22. Spatial distribution of geophagy sites and associated species richness across South America