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  1. Tackling Whiteness in organizations and management
  2. Change agency as performance and embeddedness: Exploring the possibilities and limits of Butler and Bourdieu
  3. An unrequited affinity between talent shortages and untapped female potential: The relevance of gender quotas for talent management in high growth potential economies of the Asia Pacific region
  4. The tragedy of the uncommons: Reframing workforce diversity
  5. Global Diversity Management
  6. Surprising intersectionalities of inequality and privilege: the case of the arts and cultural sector
  7. Global Knowledge Work: Diversity and Relational Perspectives, Edited by Katerina Nicolopoulou, Mine Karata-Özkan, Ahu Tatli and John Taylor, Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011, 282 pp., ISBN: 978-1-84844-543-7.
  8. An Emic Approach to Intersectional Study of Diversity at Work: A Bourdieuan Framing
  9. Mapping out the field of equality and diversity: Rise of individualism and voluntarism
  10. On the Power and Poverty of Critical (Self) Reflection in Critical Management Studies: A Comment on Ford, Harding and Learmonth
  11. Global Knowledge Work
  12. A Multi-layered Exploration of the Diversity Management Field: Diversity Discourses, Practices and Practitioners in the UK
  13. Work–Life, Diversity and Intersectionality: A Critical Review and Research Agenda
  14. Diversity management for innovation in social enterprises in the UK
  15. Gendered occupational outcomes from multilevel perspectives: The case of professional training and work in Turkey.
  16. Book Review Essay: Understanding Bourdieu's Contribution to Organization and Management Studies.
  17. Discourses and Practices of Diversity Management in the UK
  18. Agency in Management of Change: Bringing in Relationality, Situatedness and Foresight