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  1. Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in acidic solution by leaves and stem extract of Acacia nilotica
  2. Emulsion Paint by Arghel Extract as an Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor
  3. Ni–TiN and Ni-Co-TiN composite coatings for corrosion protection: Fabrication and electrochemical characterization
  4. Arghel Extract as an Environmentally Friendly Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Scalent in Industrial Water Systems
  5. Effect of Durable Superhydrophobic FS/PS Using DCTES on Carbon Steel
  6. Arghel Extract: a Promising Green Corrosion Inhibitor
  7. Improved adhesion of superhydrophobic layer on metal surfaces via one step spraying method
  8. Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminum in Hydrochloric acid Solution Using Ceria Doped Polyvinyl Chloride Nanofiber.
  9. Electrodeposition and corrosion behavior of nano-structured Ni-WC and Ni-Co-WC composite coating
  10. High Stability Performance of Superhydrophobic Modified Fluorinated Graphene Films on Copper Alloy Substrates
  11. Biocompatibility of new Ti–Nb–Ta base alloys
  12. Comparative study between green and red algae in the control of corrosion and deposition of scale in water systems
  13. A Novel Chloropyrifos Electrochemical Sensor Based on Polyaniline/Carbon Nanotubes Composite
  14. Electrochemical sensor based on polyaniline nanofibers/single wall carbon nanotubes composite for detection of malathion
  15. Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure of Ti-Nb-Ta base alloys for biomedical applications
  16. Enzymatically modified chitosan by Streptomyces lividans as a green inhibitor for steel corrosion in acidic medium
  17. Inhibition Mechanism of Pitting Corrosion of Nickel in Aqueous Medium by Some Macrocyclic Compounds
  18. Utilizing Arghel extract as corrosion inhibitor for reinforced steel in concrete
  19. Synthesis, X-ray structure and anti-corrosion activity of two silver(I) pyrazino complexes
  20. Acid Cleaning of Steel UsingArghel Echo Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor
  21. Acid Corrosion Inhibition of Nickel by Some Organic/Macrocyclic Compounds