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  1. Renewable Carbon Sources on Succinic Acid Biosynthesis using a 4-Liter Scale Bioreactor.
  2. Effect of Vermicompost and Vermicompost tea on the Growth and Yield of Broccoli
  3. Evaluation of Chitin as a Biomarker of Pathogenic Fungal Isolates
  4. Effect of using desert weeds as supplements in substrates of Oyster mushroom
  5. Determination, Ergosterol, Biomarker, Pathogenic, Medically, Important, Fungal, Isolates,
  6. Antibacterial activity of PLAL synthesized nanocinnamon
  7. Produce the single cell protein (SCP) by the solid culture method
  8. Produce the single cell protein (SCP) by the liquid cultures methods