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  1. Arginine Complexes with Simvastatin: Apparent Solubility, In Vitro Dissolution and Solid State Characterization
  2. Brain biometals and Alzheimer's disease – boon or bane?
  3. simvastatin solubility enhancement
  4. Possible role of metal ionophore against zinc induced cognitive dysfunction in d-galactose senescent mice
  5. Metabolites Selection and Classification of Metabolomics Data on Alzheimer’s Disease Using Random Forest
  6. Cerebroprotective effects of RAS inhibitors: Beyond their cardio-renal actions
  7. Pioglitazone protects against β-amyloid in an animal model of Alzheimer’s disease by restoring BDNF-mediated hippocampal neurogenesis
  8. Synthesis, Antimicrobial, Anticancer Evaluation of 2-(aryl)-4- Thiazolidinone Derivatives and their QSAR Studies
  9. Synthesis, Antimicrobial, Anticancer Evaluation and QSAR Studies of 3/4-Bromo Benzohydrazide Derivatives
  10. Zinc: indications in brain disorders
  11. Enhancement of β-secretase inhibition and antioxidant activities oftempeh, a fermented soybean cake through enrichment of bioactive aglycones
  12. Probiotics and Neuroprotection
  13. Murraya koenigii Leaves and Their Use in Dementia
  14. Proceedings of the Colloquium on Administrative Science and Technology
  15. Pharmacological approaches for Alzheimer’s disease: neurotransmitter as drug targets
  16. Synthesis, Antimicrobial, Anticancer Evaluation and QSAR Studies of Thiazolidin-4-Ones Clubbed with Quinazolinone
  17. Comparative Antioxidant Activities of Soybean and Tempeh Extract in Rat Brain
  18. Cholinergic and Antioxidant Effects of a Novel Neuroprotective Compound HAB16R26 Exposed in Sprague Dawley Rats
  19. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-ulcerogenic effect of total alkaloidal extract from Murraya koenigii leaves in animal models
  20. Solubility Enhancement of Gluten by Arginine: Thermodynamics and Solute Solvent-Interactions
  21. Sequence analysis and homology modeling of TRPV5 and TRPV6 channels
  22. Induction of apoptosis against cancer cell lines by four ascomycetes (endophytes) from Malaysian rainforest
  23. Public engagement in biosafety decision-making process: Appraising the law in Malaysia
  24. Thinking and learning in education: An evolving framework for the next decade
  25. Implementing single biomarker formula to predict Alzheimer's disease
  26. Reversal of memory deficits by Coriandrum sativum leaves in mice
  27. Constructing the structure of susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease by using biomarkers & risk factors
  28. Anionic Eudragit nanoparticles as carriers for oral administration of peptidomimetic drugs
  29. The Anti-anesthetic Action of Idazoxan.
  30. 1809 The somatosensory evoked potential - an index of acute antidepressant action?